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The image taken from my colleagues from the Venezuelan resistance, "It's not Haiti after the earthquake, it's Venezuela in the midst of the Chavista era"; graphically represents the consequences of a shut down sponsored by the dictatorial government of Nicolás Maduro as a result of 20 years of Socialist *Roboloción* del Siglo XXI.

Given the lack of electricity in 98% of the country, caused by the paralysis of the turbines generating the only hydroelectric power station in Venezuela, which carries on its shoulder the supply of an entire nation of 30 million inhabitants last Thursday 7 of March 2019; the lack of drinking water has bottomed out in the most popular sectors of the 'Great Capital' which resulted in the search for the precious liquid in one of the most polluted rivers in Latin America and whose results of water analysis is "NOT SUITABLE FOR CONSUMPTION HUMAN". If that same Hugo Chavez, the mentor of all this disaster promised to decontaminate his management by approving millions of dollars that like all other resources, went to the hands of figureheads in tax havens already known by almost everyone.

El Guaire, as this river is known, is one of the most emblematic cases of mismanagement of this socialist government, as well as its electrical system in general, which in the absence of maintenance and the desidida of stealing more than $ 100 Billion dollars approved me memory and account in 2009 by the then "deceased galactic", failed to avoid the chronicle of an announced death.

As if that were not enough, the same revolution encouraged electric power to be condemned to failure and waste, with its populist rhetoric that "public services are free for the poor", in a country paradoxically with more than 90% of the population poor, it was obvious that sooner or later there would not be enough resources for self-management to be able to maintain the distribution lines, and therefore to the generation that until now (thanks to works of the IV Republic) had been very noble.

They are more than 100 hours without light, still in 30% of the territory in moderate unofficial figures. El Amparo, border with Colombia, has not yet reached the light, and just like this remote town, there are many in the corners of geography, of what at one time was one of the richest countries in Latin America.

Meanwhile, the government in the best style of the "X files" series, plays the role of Murder and Scolly along with the opposition in blaming YES Identified Flying Objects (OVYI), supposedly owned by the 'gringos' (USA) and receives , planes, mercenaries and Russian hackers invading the airport of maiquetía, along with terrorists from the Middle East to face a country, that today Tuesday, March 12, has seen growing in the West, intensify violent protests and looting by group pro-government paramilitaries that They try to justify a state of exception and a capture of President Juan Guaidó.

For now, the average population on foot, the Venezuelan who has no strength or time to march, nor to defend the revolution, continues in his titanic daily struggle to get water, food and most importantly money to be able to acquire the above; given the galloping hyperinflation where hourly prices of articles rise on average up to 10% in dollars, while the US currency contracts, in a case of unique study in the laws of economics that even the most erudite of Harvard can not explain . The reason: the government is behind this strategy, guided by the red book of Cuba, a socialist inheritance perfected by Fidel and his combo of Stalin's version.

While you must use a VPN not blocked by the company for Venezuela as HOLA FREE VPN, to find news through the Internet, the blocking of networks is evident, telephone calls do not come out and worse, private national television (the few that they remain) they remain surrendered to the regime by particular interests without informing nor a minute of what is observed every minute in the street: children of middle class in other times, eating of the garbage; collectives (pro-government paramilitaries) shooting and threatening with deadly consequences in some cases, anyone who is heard talking bad about the government, endless queues to acquire drinking water and people taking care of their homes that other 'neighbors' do not take advantage of what is foreign in the middle of Darkness.

For now, the Chavista people and opposition party; they celebrate that the country incredulously has post-carnival vacations and an "electromagnetic" bonus in its accounts, whose funds do not reach 1 kg of flour, but allow "to withstand the blackout". In definifitiva, a country plunged into economic, ethical and moral misery that has well known this government to perfect, so that in the best style of Hitler, have dominated a people who have no time or strength (for lack of food) to go out to protest.

For now, as in their best moments, Russian faces and not just tennis players, they begin to parade through the streets and exclusive shopping centers as well as unknown Arab faces without fixed direction.

Finally, we will not know if people can continue to 'get used' to the perfection of Cubanization, or simply continue to disappear due to health complications due to lack of resources to buy medicines and poor diet due to lack of purchasing power to buy food.

On the other hand, the regime continues releasing prisoners from the main prisons of the country, sponsored by the Minister of Prison Affairs, who without any scruple uniform with Cubans of armed forces and security agencies to counteract any attempt of 'destabilization' on the part of of the opposition.

That same armed forces that saw receiving humanitarian aid from Russia in their barracks for their companions and close relatives, for a small fee of 7 thousand Sovereigns (VES), pediatric medicines such as Bactron, a strong antibiotic in great need in the population and hospitals for many cases of amoebiasis, whose price is $ 30 in pharmacies, for a town that only receives $ 5 per month of salary.

The end of this type of actions that are repeated again and again: achieve the purchased loyalty of all the public forces of the country that have firepower to overthrow this regime.

Therefore, the exit will not be peaceful or diplomatic. And much less military from within.



by @trumanity

If you'd like a suggestion, provide references to validate your opinions otherwise it appears like just your hatred of a government without any factual basis.


by @Daniejjimenez
I appreciate your comment and if you are right, that is why I propose to read news that abounds a lot about what was commented it..or better yet, come to Venezuela and live it in person is the best source. regards


by @trumanity

I would love to do that. For your information, you can use data from here. Data shows that electricity production and literacy and life expectancy have all increased since the Bolivarian Revolution. I was born in South Africa and understand very well that portions of the population do not care about those who live in poverty and will seek all means lawful or unlawful, to maintain control of the resources like the supporters of Guano in Venezuela. This leads to further inequality and the method used to control people is violence by repression or by undermining democratic efforts as we are seeing in Venezuela with the help of the USA. South Africa has not enjoyed the improvements as Venezuela since it's regime change. Largely, the South African state has not spent the wealth of the nation to bring education, security, health and technological advances to the masses. The state keeps economic policies that find favor with global capital. In contrast, the brave people of Venezuela under Chavez upset the global oligarchs by seeking to genuinely alter the lives of the people.

I know about corruption and discrimination and the control that elites seek using corruption and patronage. Trust me, it is worse in South Africa than most places. Unemployment rate 2005~2016 Venezuela 7~12% South Africa 22~26% - Literacy 2005~2016 Venezuela from 94% to 98% South Africa from 88% to 98%. In other areas South Africa has done poorly like safety security and state and corporate corruption. Looking at the situation since the blackouts in your country, I find it remarkable that there is little looting going on which says a lot about the character of Venezuelans. I hope you stay safe and your country is not thrown into further instability.


by @Logan

Why did you leave south africa? It sounds from your reply that you don't live there any more.


by @Daniejjimenez

For your information, that data is manipulated by the government, and unfortunately that data is originated by the collection of official governmental data worldwide … When you have an authoritarian government, which controls all public powers and therefore the statistics, then you will see official data like that you mention. Such as Cuba, Russia, Iran, China, among others. Amen that they are obsolete data and based on the production proposal that "thought" the government to do, but that the reality is that I DO NOT EXECUTE.

Where the only information collected by organizations such as the UN, WHO, PAHO, CIA, etc. .. come only from the official source .. Then how to know if it is true or false? Well, simple, I live in Venezuela and I invite you to come and know the reality. Do not worry about lodging, I'll give it to you in the very heart of poverty, to see if you can endure a week here.

It is very easy to talk from the books, from the outside and not have common criteria to "search" if the source of YOUR DATA is real and reliable.

Greetings my dear, I love that the post has called your attention.


by @Daniejjimenez

Let me show something, totally independent…….

Maybe this can help you understand it