Misery in Venezuela translates into these figures

2020-02-13T02:19:52.000Z Honest Cash

While the narco-regime boasts of being a People's Government and an example of 'Cryptonation' that does not exist, the misery in more than 70 percent of the poor in Venezuela translates into just over USD 3 dollars a month.

To put it in context, in 2018 the Maduro regime announced with a party the minimum wage anchored to Petro «USD 60 approximately», but the measure at its convenience lasted only one month.

From there, inflation has wreaked havoc and the basic salary of an average worker barely reaches USD 5 USD per month with the food law bonus, which does not even reach half PETRO.

Meanwhile, in the streets the economy continues to dollarize more and more to the point that the basic family basket for 5 people is located at just over USD 300 per month.

I ask my socialist friends who like justice in cryptos, WHY don't come to Venezuela to win in PETROS?