If you invested $ 1000 in Bitcoin ten years ago, today you would have $ 9.2 million USD.

2019-02-16T21:00:40.000Z Honest Cash

According to a study by CNBC, which talked about the profitable business that Coca-Cola Company shares acquired ten years ago with respect to their acquisition price and the current profitability that they could report, it was indicated that they showed growth up to three times its nominal value.

In that post, they talk about a $ 1,000 investment in a Coca-Cola share ten years ago, which would bring to $ 15,000 as a final price by February 15, 2019, allowing the money invested to be multiplied by almost three.

Now if instead of acquiring an action of that type, that same amount would have been destined to acquire $ 1,000 in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, on February 15, 2019 would report the not inconsiderable sum of $ 9.2 million USD at the average price of $ 3,600 per spot.

Bitcoin for the year 2010, had an average price of $ 0.39 per unit.

Although the traditional markets are less volatile than the cryptocurrencies, the historical price of Bitcoin shows us that despite the stake anchored to the cryptocurrency by investors and traditional economists reluctant to the new markets of crypts, they are not so profitable nor Even when the boom of the nineties occurred with the so-called "dot.com" actions or in Spanish, the boom in the actions of the web companies when this disruptive technology was emerging.

Even the actions of major technology companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple, have historically not reported such performance in the same period of time from the time of their appearance until today.

The case more similar to Bitcoin in growth, expansion and contraction, has been Amazon. The company of Jeff Bezos managed to rise up to 1.066% at the close of 1998 before falling back by 82.59%.

Bitcoin experienced something similar in 2017, growing by 1,400% and then falling by 80% at the beginning of 2018. Even so, Bitcoin in terms of profitability and prices maintains better profit margins in relation to Amazon.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If that investor had bought his $ 1,000 in Bitcoin at the beginning of 2010, when the first transastions of the cryptocurrency occurred at an average price of $ 0.003 cents each; that same amount would today be the astronomical sum of $ 1,200 million dollars at the current price of February 15, 2019.

The scenario is even more interesting if that same amount had been sold at the beginning of December 2017, when the Bitcoin reached its maximum peak of $ 19,500 per unit. The $ 1,000 investment would report to the new criptomillonario the not inconsiderable sum of $ 6.5 billion.

Despite all the reluctance about the cryptocurrency and its accusations of fraud, hacking, volatility and financial bubbles to which it has been cataloged lately; Bitcoin has shown that it has generated a new finance model that has already touched large corporations, financial groups and traditional investors, by applying uses of its underlying technology to generate new financial solutions and 'modern' ways of generating wealth.

What emerged as a crypto-synchronism, has become an appealing asset for great institutional whales, who wait for the opportune moment to enter the game in an 'open' manner, which would imply historical maximums of their prices and therefore, for those investors of Bitcoin's early age and / or the current winter crypto; generate very decent returns in the next ten years.

All this indicates that in spite of its volatility and all the bad publicity surrounding Bitcoin, investing in crypts responsibly is much more profitable than an action of any company that is listed on the big stock exchanges of the world. After all, actions also go up and down and are manipulated as traditional economists say, to Bitcoin.