Why People Are Still Supporting Communism?

2019-03-28T07:08:36.000Z Honest Cash

Because stealing is more fun than creating. But “eventually you run out of other people's money” as Margaret Thatcher said.

Communism is all to do with power, control and meaningless destruction. The best way you should think about it is when you see it as a weapon. A mass destruction weapon. Only, it is no physically exist, but exist in people’s mind. But it doesn’t mean it is not as efficient as an A-Bomb. I think more than 100 million deaths are prove it clearly (some say this is a very underestimated number).

It is a weapon like religions, because ideas can kill. We all can agree on that.

Here is a short video from Ayn Rand. She knew exactly what communism is. It is better to listening her:


I truly believe that communism is the number one enemy in our era. It is dark, powerful and dangerous. It is a monster, which can hide in humans minds until it gather enough power to outbreak.

Its hiding skills are amazing. As this former KGB agent said: you are not going to believe in anything until the troops are came and point a gun at you. This video is a little bit longer, but worth every minute:


People don’t know what communism is, but it is everywhere. It is all around them.

Think about the present situation:

Some said Venezuela are a socialist state, and socialism is equal to communism. People are laughed on this, even if innocent people are dying there constantly.

Now China and Russia send there troops to prevent America for helping the Venezuelans.


Two commie state are go to the other commie state to help them against non-communists!

And who is in America, who support Maduro even after countless deaths?

This motherf@cker:

Notice the red star in the background.

This is THIS star:

This is THIS star:

This girl is helping him to push America into bankruptcy:

Communism killed AT LEAST 100 million people, soldiers NOT INCLUDED. Their logo IS the RED STAR! What is the chance for a beer using SWASTIKA as a logo? Zero? Oh, come on, red star is just a nice red star and nothing more. Swastika is just a SUN SYMBOL!

Take a look:

See? It is an innocent Indian Sun symbol. And it is banned. For a very, very good reason. Because a hysterical mass murderer used it for killing millions. Just like the red star was used to kill HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS!

They banned it? NO, they USE IT! Communism was FAR WORSE than Nazism, though their source is exactly the same. We should quickly mention that hammer and sickle isn’t banned at all. Russians are very proud of it. You should either ban all of them or none of them.

Communism is not an issue in Russia. Little kids, young boys and girls:

Carrying a picture form a mass murderer? No problem. What are you talking about anyway, he was a hero!

I would rather carry this picture from him:

Here is the Venezuelan version:

He enslaved them and massacred them. The survivors put a picture on the wall from him. They say he “opened their eyes”.

So why they aren’t banned them? Because you have no idea what communism is. They don’t teach it in schools. Nowhere. It is avoided public awareness! Totally alarming. I told you it can hide very effectively. This is the proof of it. You have to be blind to not seeing it. And you are blind.

As I said, communism is everywhere. Take a look:

You can buy this:

And this:

And this (the star isn’t red, but the shoe is):

The hero, made from a commie mass murderer:

New commies, labelling themselves as anti-fascists (sometimes with Nazi fonts):

Bureaucracy based control called as "red tape". Ding!

They are here. Communists never went anywhere. They are here to kill you. They are in* your* country. They are in the minds of anti-capitalist politicians. They are controlling you. It is everywhere.

Every member of it is working for the Russians currently, directly or indirectly!

Now I am not a Trump fan at all. But I think he is the lesser bad. Isn’t so interesting, that since he elected, everyone attacking him? North-Korea threatened him with a nuclear war. Russians threatening him and now, Russians AND Chinese threatening him together. Where was those threats when Obama was the president? Or any other president before him recently?

And they say Trump is colluded with the Russians. I think Russians were wanted to stop him. They wanted Hillary(ous) to be president. They failed. The true Russian spy in America is Bernie Sanders, yet, nobody point a finger on him. See, how clever the system is? Now it is not as clever, if you know where to look.

Believing that communism is going to die is equal to believing that Christianity is going to die. As long as you can make poverty and gain control with them, they are here to stay. They are weapons. Weapons, which always going to use an evil bastard. Of course, there are good things in Christian religion, and I think old commies corrupted the words in it to justifying killing, control and poverty in the name of the God. This should be familiar from commie ideas.

If I were a politician, I would avoid to be present with a red star anywhere. But Bernie doesn’t bothering himself with such things.

Russians are NOT your friends as long as they embrace communism and they keep assho!es like Putin in charge. Of course, I am not talking about ordinary Russian people, those, who have heart and soul. They are the victims of this system too.

If you see anything red with a star, the rule is: fight back, resist!