What Can You Do For Guarding Your Internet Privacy?

2019-03-06T05:02:48.000Z Honest Cash

Use DuckDuckGo for searching. Better than google. Google is stealing your data and filtering what they think you should see, based on political necessities.

Use Firefox, Brave, Tor or Epic browsers and never Chrome.

Use ProtonMail for mailing and never gmail. They only ask a username and a password and nothing more, which is amazing.

Never use your real details anywhere. Not worth it.

Never use Android phone. It is basically google (that’s why they can be so cheap, because your data is worth much more than the phone).

The google website is monitoring what are you searching. The Gmail is monitoring your mails. The chrome is monitoring all the websites you visit. The Android is monitoring where you are and what you say!

Never use Facebook. It is just an other data / contacts stealer. People are constantly lying about themselves on Facebook, which is pathetic. Prefer real 3D contacts instead of 2D ones (harder to lie).

Cover you webcam with a tape if you have one.

Never take sensitive pictures with smartphone. Use photo camera.

They can turn the camera and the mic on on any phone any time if the battery is present. Never say any sensitive stuff when your phone is near.

I used to say use linux, but not any more. They secretly embedded keylogger in it on the kernel level, and also your webcam is randomly initialized. Linux is not safe any more.

It is seems like a conspiracy theory, but it doesn’t. My cop friends told everything about phones, my IT friends told the rest.

Have you ever wondered why the sites and your phone are so slow sometimes, even if the new computer games aren’t?

I use an early android phone for listening music. It have no card inside. Totally fast and stable and the battery last for a week. Can’t say this about any phone, where the sim card is present.