Hungary Is Doing Better

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Hungary is a communist country. My grandfather was shot by commies in the ’56 massacre, where commies are shoot at people country-wide, even with PLANES! My family almost died. Almost.

Bloody Thursday, 1956: The Anatomy of the Kossuth Square Massacre

Our was the “Salgótarján in December” part if you care to read.

Since then, the country turned into a socialist country. You may think that the commie leaders were executed, but it never happened. They just simply joined to different parties, such as democrats, republicans and socialists. Funny huh? They can do whatever they want with that kind of stupid people.

Now the show goes on, we living a little bit better. But the socialist system starting to act like a communist one. Rules are came, money gone. To say just one example, they applied the “registration tax”, which killed car traders en masse in the name of the “greater good”. They tried to encourage the people to buying cars in the country and not from import. Inbreeding economy 101. That’s what the point, when many people are started to left the country. More rules, more regulations, more and higher taxes. Communism is creeping back. But it does slowly, so very few people are noticing it, as usual. We are even joined the European Union, giving the control of our country to foreign countries, which we don’t know about. It is opened the borders, which made the fleeing from the country more easily.

Two years later, one of the leaders said “we are constantly lying for everybody” and someone RECORDED it.

Őszöd speech - Wikipedia

I guess you Americans never heard about it. Very instructive.

And the result is:

Some of my friends was protesters, and some of my friends was the cops. Funny isn’t it? They almost died too while tried to kill each other.

Since then, the current system called DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM! Now the country is empty. No work force. No money. Everybody migrated to America, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and the UK, including lots of my family members. But who cares, since we have posters with the writing on it: Hungary is doing better!

Meanwhile, our benevolent leader constantly building stadiums for football for justifying government spending and he is colluding with the Russians, pushing toward the country to “real” communism (which we know, never existed, right?). He won every election in Putin style. One of his close friend have 240 companies and of course making billions. He even privatizing services for him, and nationalised the selling of the tobacco, rising its price to five times high. Who cares? And of course, they constantly rising the minimal wage, subsidizing non workers and encouraging them to not work, because it is a good thing. It is almost impossible to manage a company due to the extreme amount of red tape and taxes. And we have closed factories, damaged roads, ugly houses waiting for renovation forever and closed shops and deep ghettos. And of course, workers unions are constantly chasing away the companies. Just for fun.…

Government renovations (like kinder garden for example) cost 220 million forints (about 700.000 dollar) for the people, when the real cost is about 20 million. Got it, right? 20 million. And this is happening country-wide of course.

Here is one example:

Project costed 180 million forint, supported by EU. The real cost is around 20–30 million. How do I know? I am an architect. That’s how. You can build a castle here from 180 million forint (about 600.000 dollar).

This country is just dying. And very few people cares about the openly corruption. The whole parlament should have been executed. But no problem, Hungary is doing better.


RE: Hungary Is Doing Better

by @lunaticpandora

I'm from a communist country myself and I've studied a lot of other countries that have suffered similar situations, especially those in Europe and Hungary has to be one of the most affected ones by the communist plague. You guys not only lost the majority of your territories by being dragged into the world wars but also lost a ton of population and I assume are still losing population. My country is going through a similar thing, over 3.2 million people have left the country since 2015 and it is estimated that the number will reach at least 4.5 million by the end of 2019, If this is not a brain drain and work force drain, I don't know what it is.

Also it seems that joining the European Union only made the problem worse for you guys? Since it's way easier to leave now… hopefully it gets better, Hungary is pretty special since their culture and origin is completely different from all the other countries that surround them.

RE: RE: Hungary Is Doing Better

by @D4D

If you gain the control of your country for strangers, you are f@cked up. The open border were good only for migration. They going to put a chip in the tobaccos to follow its path (and of course, YOURS path) in order to (spying on you) avoiding the black market. So there is another good reason to rise prices. Then, we can fight against the formed cartels. All of it from tax money. It IS crime against humanity. But these sheep horde don't noticing anything, just blinking like a bunch of idiot morons. They are too busy for forming unions against the companies.