10 Reasons Why UFO-s and Greys Are Exists

2019-03-06T05:05:58.000Z Honest Cash

1. Too much information too long since.

2. Too much picture and videos. Not all of the pictures and videos are fake on youtube. But so many are fake, which is disturbing the picture. (Rosewell is fake, Teller is lying, Area 51 is fake, Bob Lazar is a liar, Robert Miller is liar. They are just selling propaganda, disturbing the picture).

3. They aren’t come from an other galaxy, they come from an inner dimension, close to us (that’s why Lazar and others are lying about “solid UFO-s here on Earth" deliberately, selling only propaganda). They have been here since long ago. Arguing about distances is therefore irrelevant. That’s how they can make insane maneuvers and able to gone suddenly. They are changing dimensions and that’s all.

4. They are here to kill us and causing and spreading fear (this is why they show “world end” clips for the abducted). And fear is everywhere in the world, without any sane reason. If you know a thing or two about financials, you should understand what politicians are doing is beyond inhuman. They are captured them and control them. They are not here to help. The statement that says no humans can do to other humans, what politicians are doing (dropping A-bomb to civilians for instance (I know, there is always a good reason for stuffs like that)) is very, very real.

5. Every single person, who are obsessed in UFO-s among with my friends are more or less drifted toward insanity (no, they wasn't crazy before).

6. Personal experience (observing flying saucer).

7. Experiences of my close friends (flying saucer, flying “cigar”, time disturbances, one of my friend told me he woke up in the middle of night and he just felt they are behind him in the room. He never experienced so much fear. He paralysed by fear, being unable to turn towards them. This is important, because he is exactly NOT the kind of person, who are lying about this. He doesn’t care about UFO-s and greys at all. The relative of one of my friend, who were followed by a UFO 20 some years ago was in the news media and it is available on youtube (Hungarian video). The person became crazy and he died after some years (I know, he WAS already crazy, but this is not the case I assure you).

8. If you don’t believe beings, who can be non-physical and being able to live and evolve in a non-physical dimension, you should deny your own soul, which works in the same way (this is why they can influence you). How can you experience sudden fear without any reason? How can you “feel” what is going to happen? How can be possible, when you are thinking on something and the person next to you is just mention it? What is exactly the dream state? Where is it? There is a force what you can’t see. Beings can live in this force.

9. Just because someone observed something supernatural, when nobody were present, it doesn’t mean it is not true. Just because you wasn’t there, this is not an evidence that it was anything, but what he or she said. Scepticism work mostly in the stock market only, but more often it is just closed-mindedness and comes from the desire for being superior compared to others, who we think are dull and the inner desire for being safe. If the world is boring, we are safe. Remember, every single thing you know -including logic itself- is taught you in the school. They aren’t your own ideas, they were given to you.

10. Think about a little bit the politicians again. Naivety is a form of denial!