Transcripts to My Thoughts on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hashwar YouTube Video Series

2019-03-12T02:27:19.000Z Honest Cash

Transcripts to my three Video Series on Youtube regarding the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hashwar. I reflect on why a left and why I'm staying with Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Video 1:

Hello everyone, I'd like to talk about the hashwar. Unfortunately we are limited to 10 Minutes. So this may be a multiple video series. I wanted to come out and say despite my switch to Bitcoin SV. I don't want everyone to think that I assume everyone in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is rouge. I think there were some stuff that went on in Bitcoin Cash that lead me to leave to Bitcoin SV. I by no way think everyone is a scumbag. There are people that are good in Bitcoin Cash that are trying make it used as real money. There's Collin (Estand), and a bunch of other guys doing videos. Trying to get Commerce going on for Bitcoin Cash.

The main thing that lead me up to leaving Bitcoin Cash was the hashwar. Now many of you may not wanted the Hash War to go down the way it did. Maybe you would have though if it lingered on, people would have lost all their money. It would be worst? Maybe there is some rationale why it would have been worst, then how it went down. I was led to believe there was going to be a hashwar, and it was going to be a long war. They would play like Gentlemen and the best man [coin faction] would win. A fair battle, now I know they decided to implement Checkpoints. This wasn't discussed before the Hashwar. Honestly if they didn't want to do the hashwar, or they wanted to add it to the hashwar. There should have been some sort of communication. If ABC didn't want to do the hashwar and play by the same rule set. Look we are not having a hashwar, you Craig and all can split off. I don't like people who say one thing, and do another. I'm really funny about that kind of stuff.

I do want to get into that there was some shady stuff going on during the hashwar. For example Jihan Wu's [former] company Bitmain was having financial issues. They still have financial issues, the same articles come out, again and again. I have not independently verified these articles. The same thing was going on, that he [Jihan Wu] was allegedly going to be removed from his company [Bitmain]. Then he got removed from his company and split off. Now Bitmain is having some finical issues, why I don't know. Allegedly has something to do with not paying the people who are producing the Antminers. So that was going on around that time. The hashwar didn't go down the way I wanted it to go down.

I though it was like a shuck and jive. A Bait and Switch. It's like me going into a boxing match fighting a lightweight or a welterweight. Me being a large gentleman, I would say I would be a heavyweight or a super-heavyweight. If there was a fair boxing match between me verse a lightweight or a welterweight. It would be like slam-dunk, I would win lets say within two rounds. So I'm the heavyweight I take on the lightweight, I almost beat him in the first round. The second round I take a break, I get water. He [Lightweight] slips some horseshoes in his boxing gloves. Three hits knocks me out. But he was completely losing the first round. He would have lost the second round had he not thrown the horse shoes in. Alright, it's a different analogy. It seems like a similar explanation. It's a parable, that explains how it went down. I said that was one of the issues.

Another issue was the stuff that Roger Ver and the higher ups in the celebrity groups were pushing for that was Wormhole Cash, They were pushing for Simple Ledger Protocol. Now as many of you may know they both are protocol were you can pay an amount of Bitcoin Cash and make your own currency from within Bitcoin Cash. You can create currency that is worth more than the amount paid for. Let's say for example it's 10 BCH, you could create a Billion of your new currency. Or a Million of your currency or whatever number you really want.

In the world that's not crypto, the world that's real life. You can't create money out of thin air, like the Liberty Dollars that got outlawed. Another example would be if I had a store. I decided to issue store credit. But I was giving out more store credit than dollars. Let's say an increment of 5 Store Credit has to be traded for a $100 Dollars. Becomes a weaker currency, than the whole US Dollars. I'm issuing more than I have. Just making more and more. That kind of falls into the realm of being illegal. Very illegal once it gets out of hand. I know they have alot of laws regarding securities for Businesses. For Example Initial Public Offering (IPOs) must be registered with the US Government. There has to be tons of regulation for this. An unregistered IPO with no approval from the government. And trying to take that money and flee is going to get someone in alot of trouble. If they get them before they flee. So I did alot of research and an IPO and an ICO seem very close. I know there are laws out there if something is similar to the other law. It sounds like a rehash of the other law, and you can't get out of it. I'm not a legal expert, I don't have a J.D or an L.L.M (Law Degrees). At this point I'd be hesitant to use Simple Ledger or Wormhole or any ICO based system. This isn't legal advice, but anything in that realm seems questionable. That turned me off when speak out about it on Twitter I got [mass] unfollowed. I don't think that was the main issue [unfollowing] why I left. It kind of added insult to injury.

I could have stayed with Bitcoin Cash. So I'll just not use Wormhole, and wouldn't use Simple Ledger. I'll just disassociate with everyone that's promoting it. Just do my own thing. I could have did that, I don't know how it would have turned out. I don't have a crystal ball. I think even if I stayed with Bitcoin Cash, I probably would have had to burns some bridges. I don't like certain people in Bitcoin Cash. Not going to lie about, but some people seem nefarious to me. I want to disassociate myself with people who want to shuck and jive people. They keep accusing Roger Ver of pumping these ICOs. I have not independently verified that. Alot of stuff has been going on about him and ICOs. I don't like the sounds of it. I don't know if it's true, I don't know if it's false. With what's going on right now, I wouldn't want to be hobnobbing [hanging around] with Roger Ver. Seems like a nice guy. I don't want people to think if your retweeting Roger Ver. You're agreeing with Roger Ver, you equal his minion. I kind of don't want that guilt by association. I don't think Bitcoin Cash Community is a scam community, I don't think they have a scamcoin. But the issue is there is going to be one coin at the end.

All these coins cut these truces with BTC. Monero having one of their guys on Magical Crypto Friends. Litecoin, Charlie is buddies with them, he sold all his LTC. That's a whole another story. I think you just can't have all these truces. I understand you want to be a nice guy and not make too many enemies, and not be a dickhead.

Video 2.

Okay so I got cut off. This is the second video. You see these people on Twitter and you don't want to associate with the guys that are nefarious. There in your group [BCH]. You can't do nothing about it.

I think it's a winner takes all situation. I guess if Bitcoin SV loses, we raise the White Flag. Whoever the last standing team is we will have to join them, if not they are joining us if we win. Who knows, I'm betting on Bitcoin SV. I think it might win but I don't know. It's really early on.

People want to know if I think Craig [Dr. Craig Wright] is Satoshi. I always had the though in the back of my mind it's a possibility. I have no independently verifiable proof. I don't have him signing the key or documents that I can prove that are real. I'm basing my basis on him being Satoshi based on what I think Satoshi would do. If he was in the crypto space. Craig's fighting against the ICOs scammers. He's trying to get use towards a stable one coin system. One coin rules all. At first, I though it was selfish, narrow-minded. There's not going to be a stable sound money system if we have a thousand Bitcoin forks, it's not going to be stable enough. So fractured and splintered. Was is Bitcoin? ex: I know a 100 people in a million person state, the million people use PayPal and Visa, the 100 use some sort of Bitcoin. We need to evaluate him [Dr. Craig Wright] based on his actions. Craig has a good gameplan with uncapping the blocksize.

Metanet sounds good to me. I think Bitcoin should be more than money. I'm not sure what protocol Metanet will be on. Not sure if it has to be Proof-Of-Work. Maybe it would work better with some other protocol. That's above me, I'm not a Bitcoin Cryptographer Scientist guy. I think that it makes logical sense. So he has some personality that some people doesn't like because he's political incorrect. It hurts their feelings, this isn't a popularly contest.

Alot of guys in the Bitcoin Cash Community may be mad at me. They may have unfollowed me. No hard feeling on my end. I'm not going to be a dick and block everyone in the Bitcoin Cash Community. I hope they do the same and not all block me. It is what it is. If I'm going to block somebody they are going to a major dickhead, like someone beyond lost. I really don't like blocking people. I'm open on Twitter, open to debate. If you don't like this video, you can add your opinion and I'm not going to be a dickhead and block you.

So I wanted to cover that. I don't really know what's going on in the Bitcoin Cash roadmap. That was another issue. I did talk to a couple guys, some stuff was clarified to me after I split off to Bitcoin SV. I don't think alot of people know what the Bitcoin Cash roadmap is. They have no fricken clue. You can put in on Coin Dance, Amaury doesn't have to get permission from everybody to do his changes. They are very lacking in the social marketing sense. If I was one of big guys in Bitcoin Cash, first thing I would do is deploy people to do some social marketing. The lack of social market is going to get this coin eliminated very soon if they don't pick up the game.

All these other coins like XRP, BTC, and Etheruem, which is a joke. Ethereum just does not scale well. But three of those coins seem to have more interest in them due to social marketing. Lot of people pumping and not willing to get rid of those coins. They already got in, there already on the Etheruem pecking order. If they are some big influencer or on some programming group. They don't want to let go. Bitcoin Cash needs to do marketing. Keep those developers coding away. Get some guys out there social marketing. Shouldn't be giving advice to a rival coin, but I am.

I don't think I locked horns with too many people in Bitcoin Cash. Probably said some stuff they didn't like. Did get blocked a few times. I don't consider myself a mortal enemy to BCH. Think they are on the wrong track, but it is what it is. All you guys can do is prove me wrong. I welcome a challenge. Keep coding and you might do better than I think you will do.

Video 3:

This is third video on why I left during the hashwar. I have been liking my new allegiance to Bitcoin SV. They welcomed me with open arms. What I like about it we are serious about stuff. If you like too much like a douche on Telegram, we block you. There is some sort of order here. Your free to do what you want, but we don't have time for douchebags. We don't have time for people coming in talking about ICOs. Pull that stuff on our telegram and they are gone. I'm all for law and order, for some practical system.

I support handcash, it's a lovely app. It's Venmo on my phone but better. I like the idea of Centbee, I haven't used it. They are working really hard on it, and they are making ChatPay. It's good to have another competitor in case one goes defunct.

I like the roadmap in Bitcoin SV. I'll pull it up so you can take a look. Default configurable Blocksize limit, sounds good to me. Removing the dust limit, you don't have to have 400 something satoshi, you can send whatever. Merchant Services API, now that sounds nice. Miner Pseudo ID, some sort of Pseudonym for the miners. Some groups already call themselves a Pseudonym so it's not a big deal.

Blocksize increase was good. With the more Op Return and the bigger block size, you can post whatever. Big blogs on Bitcoin SV. Soon sites like Steemit and DTube will go the way of the Dinosaur once we take off. Falling to oblivion into a wormhole.

(remaining 5 minutes talk about BCH roadmap and how it compares to BSV).

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


Even thought I switched coins. I still intend to use Honest Cash, because I see it as a useful blogging platform.