Op-Ed: Dr. Craig Wright is Greatly Underrated

2019-03-13T11:02:39.000Z Honest Cash

Disclaimer: This article covers why Dr. Wright has the knowledge to be a possible person that made Bitcoin. Academic Degrees alone doesn't confirm or deny he made Bitcoin.

(First appeared July 28, 2018 on Medium, cross-posting it here)

Dr. Craig Wright (CSW) has academic background to prove likelihood of being Satoshi Nakamoto. This article sums up why he is more than fit to continue leading nChain and working on Bitcoin.

How Smart?

The inventor of Bitcoin must have a genius level IQ 130+ to invent it without using an AI system. He’d have to close to Stephen Hawkings in intelligence. One of the smartest men alive. We are not talking about some Computer Software Engineer with 20 years of experience, someone far higher in brain power.


Dr. Craig Wright’s academic accomplishments surpass that of an average autodidact and that of a Computer Software Engineer. His record of computer certifications and degrees equal to someone with around IQ of 130. No one in any Crypto community has come forward with a similar academic background.

CSW was an original author of Bitcoin with Dave Kleiman. Dr. Wright was an intellectual property owner of the code before open sourcing it. His company nChain has every legal right to add closed source code into Bitcoin(while on development team). There is no denying that Dr. Wright and Mr. Kleiman worked together, answer is all over internet including in the provided Gizmodo link and archived websites.

The PGP Key

But why doesn’t he have correct PGP Key? Could be possible that CSW was in fear that the key would be recovered before Bitcoin’s revolution? Seen as threat to many international governments while others would love to hire him to use for nefarious purposes. Sure many Tyrannical Regimes wouldn’t think twice about hiring CSW to make advanced computer viruses and computer spying systems like Samaritan (from the TV’s Series Person of Interest).

Uncovering the late Dave Kleiman’s private keys likely wouldn’t debunk Dr. Craig Wright but instead prove they were both authors of Bitcoin. Despite all the down playing of CSW academic background, there’s no denying he is one of very few people who could have designed such a complex cryptographic peer 2 peer cash systems.

Even using the correct PGP Key wouldn’t prove being Satoshi Nakamoto for sure. Anyone could come into possession of the keys.

Find someone with similar academic background who could have made Bitcoin. Or disprove a genius had to make it. Get some random person to build a Bitcoin like clone from brand-new code.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Let's stop focusing solely on whom Satoshi Nakamoto truly is, and rather why Dr. Craig Wright should continue his work on Bitcoin. Satoshi could mean many things like Bitcoin’s vision, the two-man team that made it, an alter-ego for Dr. Wright, or maybe a computer program that helped the duo build Bitcoin.

Closing Thoughts

CSW has the academic background and cryptography knowledge to continue on with the Bitcoin. As of now there is not a single shred of evidence that he is insider threat to Bitcoin’s vision. Some claims of wrongdoings are so outrageously false, I wouldn’t even want to insult Dr. Wright’s intelligence by asking him about them. No one wants to go on the record and tell me their solid reasons for CSW being accused of being a fraud. People would rather troll him without backing up their statements.

I have asked a few Bitcoin developers to a Private Message interview regarding the accusations of Dr. Craig Wright being a “fraud”. Only Deadnal Nix offered his assessment.

Stop Running from Truth?

After many months of mulling whether this article was right, I was only faced with the truth. I truly believe Dr. Craig Steven Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Based on his academic background, the path he has taken Bitcoin SV, and how he converses in Live Streams. The second Op-Ed in the further reading section goes into more depth into this subject.

I wanted to run from the truth, maybe someone more popular or friendly on Twitter had to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Someone my AnCap buddies would like. But in reality, this isn’t a popularity contest.

Despite what dis-grunted developers are telling you, CSW is not a Conman or an evil government operative. Forget what the jealous amateur programmers think of CSW.

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