Op-Ed: Anonymity is the Shield of Cowards

2019-04-14T21:17:45.000Z Honest Cash

Why so many people abuse the cloak of anonymity to disregard accountability. Many think there are invincible hiding behind the curtain. But soon we will remove it from them for all to see.

Truth is Hidden

People can lie about their age, profession, accomplishments, interests, and affiliations. You can mask behind the cloak of deception. A criminal posing as good guy. A pedophile posing as a younger person. Some Nigerian catfish looking to scam widowed women from their fortune. Even a fake religious man looking for a sucker to wire them money via Western Union or Money Gram. You can even be a violent Communist or Neo Nazi, if no one knows who you are.

Reliability is Curtained

Witnesses and sources in new articles are completely useless. Anyone can fake testimony without having to back it up. How convenient you can’t cite your source, but most sheeple will take it at face value.

FUD Spreads like Wildfire

Now hidden from exposure, con artists are free to falsify testimony, make false criminal complaints and spread the rumors around.

Law Enforcement is Deterred

Not only can you deceive the masses, you can deflect legal repercussions many times. Unless of course you defame someone like Calvin Ayers, Dr. Craig Wright or anyone wealthy enough to take you to court. The Average Joe isn’t doing a thing if you spread FUD about them under the guise of a fictitious name.

Morons are Rewarded

Adding insult to injury many knuckleheads are hero’s among fellow lunatics. The biggest offenders even have huge cult followings on Twitter and Social Media. All it takes is a catchy fake name and enough moronic behavior to become a living legend. People will follow them just to see what retarded remarks are spat out next.

Skeletons in their Closets

Many times people actually have something to hide, that’s why deception benefits them. Criminals who use Bitcoin or Monero to deal and use Drugs are doing so because if they used a transparent service, they’d be in jail today.

Criminals Posing as Hero’s

When you hear the same morons who talked about: Taxation is Theft so commit Tax Evasion, Use CoinShuffle/CoinJoin to commit Money Laundering, Hide your criminal actives with VeraCrypt and TOR. Don’t be shocked when they talk about Bitcoin being great for Drug Lords and junkies to use their perverted version of Bitcoin. Who would have guessed they want Drug Lord rights, so they can get high too.

They can White-Knight Villains

Another benefit of anonymity is being able to White Knight and shilling for fellow criminals and lunatics without being shunned or face legal action. It’s it comical seeing them to hide behind the curtain and white-knight convicted criminals such as Ross Ulbricht who aided Criminal Enterprises on Silk Road, or convicted Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, or even Larry Davis who attempted to kill six Police Officers.


Anonymity is often used as a vessel to evade punishment for Trolling, Cyberbullies, and to heckle everyone. Spineless cowards can rest assure they will not have to fight in the playground (and lose) after bullying someone at school. The Internet has become a double edge sword, that cowards use to evade accountability.

Removing the Cloak

With the cloak of deception removed, people will have to back up their statements and beliefs. If they white-knighted criminals they will have to explain a legit reason, or they will start to become shunned for being criminal rights shills.


Metanet is going to yank the anonymity right off the villains. Every con artist will be exposed on a transparent immutable ledger. Their life story is for all to see. No more what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We are taking down the rogue elements of society and exposing them for who they really are.

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