Op-Ed: AnCaps, Bitcoin SV, and Dr. Craig Wright

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(Article first appeared Dec 11, 2018 on Medium, cross-posting it here.)

As many of my Twitter followers noticed I have shifted to Bitcoin SV side after being a long time critic of Dr. Craig Wright. A recent turn of events led me to do some soul-searching on who is the real Bitcoin and what actors in the communities are really nefarious.

Early BCH Days

When I first heard of Dr. Craig Wright (CSW) my thoughts were lukewarm about him as a few BCH members were very vocal against him. I believed the BCH side truly wanted to keep itself as Bitcoin and all the fuss started due to CSW likely being a “bad apple”. I did everything in my power to sway people to disavow him all over r/btc reddit and aligned with the “Anti Craig Club”. I was mislead into to believing Jihan Wu and gang were all in for BCH.

Hashwar, Softforking, and my Tweet Storm

My main gripe from the hashwar was the complete kiss down to WormholeCash, and crowning Deadal Nix King of BCH development. Even Shammah recently quit Bitcoin ABC development team over differences with Amaury Sechet (Deadal Nix). I believe from a legal stand point that WormholeCash could become unlawful.

I became vocal on Twitter against the scam nature of WormholeCash, showing my support for the government cracking down on ICOs scamming people and exchanges like Coinex being brought to justice for defrauding their customers.

I was mass unfollowed by prominent Bitcoin Cash Association figures, the Anti Craig Club (most of them), and pretty much majority of the AnCaps that followed me.** Likely because most AnCap’s believe victim-less crime is acceptable in a free society, thus my support for enforcing laws on ICOs scammers and crooked crypto exchanges would make me a Statist.**

The massive unfollowing was a knife in the back. Having most of your BCH buddies you were cool with one day, turning away tomorrow like they never knew you. The oddest part is Bitcoin SV side understood my concerns on BCH, despite my beef with CSW, no grudges were held by SV supporters.

I like to apologize to Kaptin Kook and wtfkenneth for my anti AnCap remarks on Twitter. There was no need for me to lash out in anger after what happened. I should have been the bigger man and not taken the getting thrown under the bus after Tweet Storm to heart.

Dr. Craig Wright

I believe CSW has the academic background and is smart enough to have created Bitcoin. I have always suspect it this was a possibility, despite being against him for a while. For a while I feared he might sell us out to the government. Now I believe since CSW wants to transparent ledger to expose corruption within blockchain, no government sellout would promote exposing crooks within government ranks.

I believe Dr. Craig Wright ran a negative campaign against himself as “Black Marketing”, so his influence would spread faster via word of mouth. Haters with different development agendas for Bitcoin such as Peter R Ruzin, would notice on Twitter. CSW would catch a list of all of his biggest haters like a fly trap. People who are just looking for Twitter likes continue to waste time cherry picking outrageous Troll Bait Tweets from CSW, instead of reviewing his lengthy article for a more informed refutation.

So I believe Dr. Craig Steven Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Haven’t seen him sign the correct PGP Key, but based on CSW’s actions I believe it’s a strong possibility he is the creator of Bitcoin. Or at the very least someone in a group of people who made Bitcoin. Dr. Wright as the mastermind behind the curtain, with more vocal people such as Dave Kleiman.

It’s been very awkward for me to come out as a believer of CSW as Satoshi Nakamoto. I have friends on both sides (BCH and BSV). I will likely be trolled for weeks for my belief CSW is the creator of Bitcoin.

But Bitcoin is Anarchist?

When Bitcoin was first invented it was heavily promoted by cyperpunks, Libertarians, and AnCaps. It was original believed it intended for agorism and anarchist means of decentralized eCommerce and p2p payments. It’s my belief that these early supporters were a vessel to jump-start Bitcoin, and perhaps over time Dr. Craig Wright realized the need to make less anarchist system. Coming to grips that Bitcoin isn’t going to shatter every Statist nation into pieces and leave us with a Free Society world.

Bitcoin Patents are evil?

CSW now realizes that patents can’t be avoided. If nChain intends to keep IP rights without being patent trolled by non-authors and greedy bankers, then CSW must patent his companies work. Unless Shadders and his fellow developers would like the Banking Cartels to yank development rights away from him and file frivolous lawsuits that would rule against property authors, patents are a must in a Statist world.

Apology to Dr. Wright

Dr. Craig Wright, I have been a rude critic who has bastardized you name and probably ticked you off very much. I can’t continue to fight against the creator of Bitcoin. You have every right to lead Bitcoin SV as you see fit. Used to believe that you were the nefarious actor, but after reading your publications and seeing the actions on the BCH side. My true enemy is ICO scammers, WormholeCash scam, the crooked Casino Crypto Exchanges, and the goons doing a ABC shilling circle jerk.

Closing Statement

I know trolling for coming out as a supporter of CSW as Satoshi Nakamoto, is inevitable. I don’t care what the sockpuppet circle jerk thinks about this. Sure there will be a BTC speculator feeding frenzy on why I’m supposedly an “idiot” for thinking CSW is the inventor of Bitcoin. What’s left of the Anti Craig Club will poke fun at my story. Basically, I don’t care what a bunch of haters say anyways.

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