CryptoShoppe’s Upcoming Stories

2018-12-24T20:14:43.000Z Honest Cash

What stories are on my shortlist within the next year or so. Not in any order but a few I’d like to cover at least half of them:

Done from the list

A. Why Bass Guitarists are Underrated

Possible upcoming

  1. Devils Advocate for Communism
  2. Review of HandCash Wallet
  3. Review of Centbee Wallet
  4. Dive into Tether Gate
  5. Will SEC rule against XRP?
  6. Why an AI like Samaritan could have made Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory
  7. Why Google’s Go Language is the Future
  8. Why Apple’s Swift Language is a Sleeping Giant
  9. Why Crytek’s CryEngine is Underrated
  10. Why Unity Engine is ideal for Indie Developers
  11. Why Compact Laser Printers eat Ink Jet Printers for Lunch
  12. Debunking the FUD Part II: BCH vs BSV