Coinbase to Launch Bitcoin Batching

2019-06-09T01:12:23.000Z Honest Cash

Coinbase, the popular San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, has leaked plans to integrate transaction batching on the bitcoin blockchain, which is expected to bring lower fees to the entire ecosystem.


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RE: Coinbase to Launch Bitcoin Batching

by @emergent_reasons

Hi Chronos. Really appreciate the speed and focus of 1 minute crypto. Regarding the perspective on this decision I was surprised you presented it in black and white. It is clearly better for Coinbase with reduced tx cost. For their users, the cost saving may (or may not) be passed on. For their users, the already low level of privacy with exchange inputs/outputs is clearly reduced. Also, what's up with blaming Coinbase transactions for crowding out other transactions with no mention of the artificially limited blocksize?