Bitcoin Traffic NOSEDIVE!

2019-03-13T19:34:00.000Z Honest Cash

The total number of bitcoin transactions processed per day has taken a giant nosedive. Despite this crash, its long-term growth remains strong. In this video, we compare it against the market price over the past 5 years.

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RE: Bitcoin Traffic NOSEDIVE!

by @Geri

Thankyou for pointing out this interesting fact. Maybe we are witnessing the slow death of Bitcoin, and the rise of altcoins. Since the totally failed developement path of bitcoin (segwit, ln), Bitcoins market dominance should not be more than 10-20%, but it floats bethwen 30-60 for some reason. And this reason is: its name, this is the crypto people usually hear the first time. But if we compare all the crypto, from a technical aspect, Bitcoin is in the worst condition. Every altcoin has better technology (bigger blocks, more secure elliptic curve, more opportunity to mine it, shorter block times, more traders, etc). But from now, Bitcoin must go away. The time has passed above it, it became unviable and unusable.