Fiat is dying and Crypto is here to stay

2019-04-07T18:40:03.000Z Honest Cash

This is my first post on this awesome platform. I love that now we have decentralized social media platforms such as where our content can’t be censored from centralized servers such as YouTube , google, Twitter or Facebook . We the smart people in the crypto community that understand the underlying capabilities of it know that it’s not going away . And inflationary debt based money isn’t what we want no longer. Money that we (the people of the world) control individually is Exponentially better than money that can be manipulated, regulated, inflated, and taxed by governments and banks. As money only you can control , creates more economic freedom for every individual on the face of the planet ?. This is an amazing thing that we lead to a much more free world. And could lift MANY people around the world out of poverty and give access to the 3 billion people that currently don’t have access to financial services.