Up-voting not working for me.

2019-04-17T07:59:58.000Z Honest Cash

UPDATE: I just up-voted a couple times. Seems to be working for me now.

I have tried upvoting a couple times since the new price. Does not seem to work for me. Error message disappears before I can copy it. Something about 'can't find a big enough something'.

I have something called PeerBlock going and an IP address said to be the "Halliburton Company" is trying to access my computer a lot. It tries all day every day. I hate to whitelist something with such an evil reputation since I am under investigation already. Not sure if that's a related issue.


RE: Up-voting not working for me.

by @Tuventure

**might not be related to this

Many years ago I used Peerblock too. Seems OK. Then I switched to using the Zonealarm free firewall. Then it took up too much cpu time since it is actively scanning thus my laptop will be using lots of cycle instead of resting during idle time.

So I switched to one free firewall called Glasswire.

As for Halliburton trying to pry into your system, apart from firewall, you could use Opera browser which has a built-in VPN. Or opt for a paid VPN such as BolehVPN or NordVPN.

RE: Up-voting not working for me.

by @siddartha

I think you need to have more balance than the minimum vote amount. When I have same balance as the vote amount then I get that message.

RE: RE: Up-voting not working for me.

by @freetrader

That's not it - I have more than the minimum (by more than factor 10) and yet I get the same error message about no unspent coin greater than the minimum.

Maybe withdrawing all, consolidating inputs and refilling the wallet could help. Might give that a try myself.

RE: RE: Up-voting not working for me.

by @Big_Bubbler

I have plenty of BCH and I don't think the inputs are all too small. Using more than one input is usually how shortages would work though.