Troll Army's Massive Social Engineering Can't Stop "Magic Internet Money"

2019-03-15T06:43:19.000Z Honest Cash

Bitcoin was created to provide peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people. Layer 2 solutions were originally envisioned as being likely to be used to help achieve that goal. When BTC-Core was infiltrated and corrupted, the ability to provide peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people was removed. To cover this corruption of the original mission of Bitcoin, the massive social engineering machine (I call the "troll army" for short) controlling the BTC group-think claimed (years ago) it was ok because there was a 2nd layer solution just like Satoshi envisioned (to allow BTC to scale for the people) just around the corner (the "18 months" most people joke about now). The Troll Army is on all the social media and even controls ALL discussion on some major crypto media outlets.

Of course in March 2019, according to BTC experts, a functioning LN is still years away, but, much worse, it was never intended to provide peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people. During the long delayed arrival of the LN, the troll army has been changing the group-think about what BTC was intended to be (or should be). The "store of value" idea was advanced to allow removal of the "peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people" mission of Bitcoin. Clearly, BTC is not a store of value (a stablecoin is closer to that goal), but, the faithful (and dishonest) continue to champion that lie as the new real mission of Bitcoin-BTC.

It is hard to tell if BTC had it's primary use case (peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people) removed for Blockstream profits, or, if that is just a cover story for intentional destruction/delay of peer-to-peer electronic cash. It is clear BTC would now be peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people if Core had not been infiltrated and corrupted years ago.

BTC players have already admitted BTC is no longer meant to be used for buying stuff like coffee.They like to make it seem like only the wealthy will be using BTC. That is a way to make the faithful think (subconsciously) they get to be part of "the wealthy". There are thousands of ways the troll army is moving the "group-think" with these devious dishonest mind games. Demonizing the projects and people who try to fulfill the original mission of Bitcoin is a primary focus of the troll army. Anyone who even publicly interviews a supporter of an opposition viewpoint will be attacked in all related social media. We all know it is risky to speak out. Anyone with a crypto business is especially vulnerable. Many who see the dishonesty and immoral activity just self-censor themselves and stay quiet. The army uses this silence to claim they represent the majority.

The massive social engineering effort used to destroy BTC's primary use case and repress the main project(s) trying to provide that use case has been surprisingly effective. For years most of the people who read things like I am writing now would have thought I was a crazy heretic. Many still will. I do think the wall of lies is crumbling. If we get a real bull price cycle again soon, BTCs blocks will fill up (I estimate at around 10K/BTC) and the price will cap out around 20K again. The rest of crypto can keep rising. This should "bring down the wall". The massive troll army will not go down easily though.

Most of the people who now believe in BCH were the original BTC fans who built up the adoption and name recognition the BTC team now squanders. We are very sad BTC was destroyed like this, but, we split off in the nick of time and have a road map leading to a peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world (like Bitcoin was always meant to be). Because BTC was infiltrated and taken over from the inside, they were able to steal the name and adoption. BCH has to rebuild all that while under attack on many fronts by the same evil enemy. It is a tough road, but, we are quietly re-building and improving the real "magic internet money" for the world's people :-)

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