The BTC Core "Community" Deception

2019-05-02T06:03:45.000Z Honest Cash

The ongoing social engineering attack on BCH and financial freedom (peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people) is widespread, often subtle and very sophisticated. They use a mesh of inter-weaved, mostly small, dishonesties to support bigger lies and to make them seem to be based on a body of "evidence". If no one stands up for the truth, the social engineering army of liars will have a bunch of other fake/fooled people repeat and agree with the lies to make it seem like they are accepted as true by the majority.

I fell for this complex deception back when Core took Bitcoin's adoption and ticker from the Bitcoin community. The army of liars pretended they were the Bitcoin community throughout social media. They claimed the community supported high fees, small blocks and a short delay until the arrival of LN to provide scaling (for the primary use case of Bitcoin - peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people). The real Bitcoin community fell for the lie, believed they were a minority and gave up the fight for the ticker (brand) and adoption we had spent years building.

Later we found out the loss of the primary use case of Core's Bitcoin (peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people) was intentional and permanent. LN is not intended to fix scaling for the people of the world.

The real community never wanted high fees, small blocks and the loss of Bitcoin's primary use case. They still do not want that. Of course that is true for BCH supporters, but, I even believe most of the real humans that own, mine and develop BTC agree lower fees, 2MB blocks and being able to buy coffee with BTC would be good things for BTC. If I am right, the deception that BTC has a large base of real human's who agree with Core policies is still in place and is believed by most people.

The backstory:

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RE: The BTC Core "Community" Deception

by @Tuventure

In summary - in an analogy: Bitcoin Blockstream is akin to Apple iPhone. There's immense hype, followers keep buying even the cost of one is 3x sometimes even 4x more than a comparable Android phone.

Followers proclaim it is faster, it is safer, it has ios, by the original touch phone creator, and it requires an external powerbank - because it is the feature.

What? Yes requiring a powerbank is akin to that 1MB blocksize limit. The followers praise this security feature. They claim with less battery capacity, it's safe since less chance of a thief stealing the phone! And they believe in this narrative religiously.

They know it is expensive to use if divided over time. They know it is only for the wealthy, flashy, *sorry poor folks in third world* you aren't supposed to use this marvel of Lightning.

The conclusion is we cannot convince them otherwise. Why would you, you have an Android Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phone that has 5500mAh of battery that typically lasts 24-30 hours of usage. They need a powerbank because it is their "feature". With that thinking you cannot change their mind. End.

RE: The BTC Core "Community" Deception

by @majamalu

Keep up the good fight!

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