Sadly, Dishonesty Works

2019-02-16T03:54:03.000Z Honest Cash

Dishonesty is an effective strategy used to fool people every day. From sophisticated social engineering efforts like the attacks on BCH in social media and the Fox News Networks assault on many truths to the U.S. President's obvious dishonesty, The People of the world are under attack on many fronts. I have been awed recently as I realized how effective dishonesty can be.

Though emperor-Bitcoin-BTC is wearing no cloths (lacks fundamentals), many people still think it is the real "Bitcoin". A huge effort to fool people into thinking this has been so effective, even on a BCH-focused site like HC, most of the people who read this may think I am the foolish one. Of course all sides of most issues tend to do it, so, maybe I am falling for a different set of lies? Kinda like freedom is never free and must be worked for constantly, I think truth requires a similar ongoing effort to be discovered and fought for.

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- Big Bubbler



RE: Sadly, Dishonesty Works

by @wordshavemeaning

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it!" -George Orwell

Keep speaking the truth!