Privacy IN a cryptocurrency, maybe not?

2019-01-12T01:00:16.000Z Honest Cash

I love Privacy and expect the new distributed crypto world will get it for finances, social media platforms, web searching, shopping online, etc.. It IS time we resist Big Brothers' permissionless info collection efforts. I believe DApps will change the balance soon.

I have always wanted my favorite cryptocurrency to have privacy built in. Now, I am not so sure it can get sufficient worldwide adoption if it has it in the beginning. The delay in adoption caused by Blockstream/Core's crushing blow to BTC adoption (when it tried to go viral as a worldwide currency in 2017) has allowed competitors like Visa and potential regulators to have more time to figure out how to hobble businesses who try to accept crypto..
If it has it, some Gov's may try hard to stop businesses in their country from accepting it without KYC requirements. It is counter intuitive, but, I am now thinking the privacy and the coin may need to be separated so the coin does not get blamed for the privacy.

How can we separate the privacy from the coin you might be asking? Good question. My current theory is Dex's (Distributed exchanges) could be the solution. If we can find a way to make it so a large percentage of a crypto goes through Dex's, then it will not seem like people only use them to hide their transaction histories. Maybe there could be DEX's that pay users 'Dexcoins' or some other benefits so people want to use them? Maybe there will be a way to keep your private keys, but, have a smart contract safely lend your coins to a dex for interest while your not using them. Admittedly, I don't have it all figured out, but, I think smarter people will be able to.

Thanks for considering my idea(s),
- Big Bubbler

As always, I want to encourage people with feedback and differences of opinion to speak up. Maybe I can refine my ideas (or grammar). If your going to spew Blockstream/Core social-engineering talking points, I hope we can all see through the disinformation and clutter. I believe Bitcoin-BTC is currently "wearing no cloths" (lacks the necessary fundamentals for wide-scale adoption). My hopes are not high, but, I do hope BTC fixes it's problems.