Prices: Value, Usefulness, Fundamentals, Adoption, Perceptions, Market manipulation, Censorship and Social engineering.

2019-03-02T19:21:56.000Z Honest Cash

In my opinion:

Price is based on belief. Value is based on usefulness, fundamentals and adoption. However, perceived usefulness and perceived value are very important complications to my theory. In the long run, value should control the price. Market manipulation and the social engineering by BTC's troll army and their disciples has shown me that belief is not always based on value. Misperceptions should dissolve over time in the face of contrary evidence. Censorship and social engineering are being used to hide the contrary evidence. People are easily fooled into believing things they want to believe. I still believe over time the value and price will be based on "usefulness, fundamentals and adoption". It may be more years before we emerge from this delusional phase we are in, if ever, lol. I am hopeful when BTC's blocks fill up (soon, I think) the value of BCH will be easier to see (harder to hide).

Thanks for considering my ideas,

- Big Bubbler