Free "SoapBubble" coins/tokens offer

2019-03-14T12:32:26.000Z Honest Cash

From the "Big Bubbler" Facebook page:

I'd guess you have heard of Bitcoin, but, now Big Bubbler's created a "SoapBubble" Coin. The only way to get them from me is to post a picture of yourself with a bubble you made in it. I'm thinking as a post on the "Big Bubbler" FaceBook page (click "home" on left side) with privacy set to public (on the photo), but, a private message will work if you don't want the "Fame" of posting there, lol. Note: the bigger the bubble in your picture, the more free coins I will send you. One offer per person, please.

They are currently not worth any money as far as I know. They may become rare collectibles someday since I don't expect a lot of people to do what it takes to get them before I die of old age. You never know though. You will be able to send any of them to someone else if you want to. These coins are "built on top of" a real cryptocurrency and I think you need less than a penny's worth of something called "Bitcoin Cash" (aka BCH) in your wallet to be able to send them. I think you can get a little free Bitcoin cash with a smart phone (by installing a cell phone wallet?) here:

There are many other ways to get BCH. You don't need any to receive the Tokens I am offering here. Just to send them out later.

The coin-type is called "simple Ledger protocol" and it is a new type of coin that is only visible in certain kinds of cryptocurrency wallets so far. I expect other wallets will accept them later. An easy and free wallet to put them in is called "Badger wallet" and can be found on

I will need a "simpleledger" deposit address from your wallet to send them to you. I would probably send that to me as a Private message (messenger) unless you want everyone to know your wallet address. That probably does not matter unless the coins in your wallet turn out to be worth a ton someday, lol.

If you don't do FaceBook, you can post a picture in the replies here and/or send a message to me (Big Bubbler) on Reddit. This offer is open to anyone who posts a picture of their own bubble :-) This is an easy way to get started on Crypto. I think letting people know may grow adoption.