Big Bubbler the entertainer Tokenization and Fun Token Benefit Sale

2019-02-20T15:20:10.000Z Honest Cash

Welcome to my token sale and Benefit for me! The Benefit is because I am starting over on wealth building after U.S. Homeland Security came and searched my home and farm for like 12 hours in June (2018). They took all my money, Crypto, computers, bank accounts, exchange accounts, passwords, backup passwords, phones, etc.. I have not been charged with anything and have serious doubts their search warrant was justified. They have not returned any of my property yet. I can't really talk about it but, it seems they think I was buying cash in the mail with Bitcoin (on the darknet). I'm guessing/hopeful they tricked a judge into thinking that would be illegal. Anyway, my finances are a mess and I assume they are monitoring me while building a case. My federal public defender seems pretty good, but, I am not sure anyone local understands the issues yet. I'm not even sure local law enforcement understands them, lol.

I am currently the subject of a federal investigation, so, all of these offers are subject to them being legal. I don't think I need a "money transmitter" license to sell these, but, I believe the Feds can be imaginative about such things. If you send me crypto I may have to admit where I got it, so, best not to link darknet monies to me unless you know what you are doing privacy wise. I assume they can kinda track it through regular mixing services now.


Simple Ledger Protocol *** Fun Token Sale! ***

Fun coins (SLP Tokens) (for sending to others?) 200 of any one kind on sale for 0.002 BCH (about 28 cents on Feb 20th). Also, 200 of your choice (one kind per up-vote) FREE with any Big Bubbler "post or reply upvote" on HC (let me know what up-votes your redeeming). Past up-votes count. Please don't up-vote unless you liked the post or reply. Let me know choice(s) and your Badger Wallet or SLP-version of Electron Cash's wallet's SLP address(es) that you want them sent to. Warning: Sending SLP tokens to non-SLP wallets probably destroys them. They will probably fix that issue soon. SLP is new and improving regularly. Full disclosure: You can make tokens like these fun ones yourself. Offer and terms may change at any time.

***FUN Token Options ***(200 of one kind for 0.002 BCH, 5,000 at the same price each for 0.05 BCH):




LuckyCoin (Imbued with as much Luck-of-the-Irish and Earth Magic as I could muster)






Encouragement (buying this or any of my token offerings can be a way to encourage me to do things like write something, answer questions, resist oppression, etc.. Let me know what ya have in mind or leave it up to me.)

CUSTOM Fun Tokens with any allowed name available. Same price, Minimum purchase 5000 of that kind for 0.05BCH (about $7.00 US). "Billion custom-coin special" 0.14 BCH per Billion tokens. Let me know the token name you want and SLP Dep. Address.

If my math is correct, 0.007 BCH is about a dollar. 0.14 is about $20 (Feb. 20th, BCH at $145ish USD/BCH). The Fun tokens above are currently not redeemable for anything I am aware of.


Coins/SLP Tokens with extra value:

**BigBubbler **Tokens (100 for $1.00 US, about 0.007 BCH)

Big Bubbler is also a soap-bubble entertainer!


BigBubbler Tokens can be traded for Bubble Shows, Bubble Mix, Bubble Wands, Bubble Training, Bubble-Wand Making Lessons and Bubble Consulting. They do not include any travel, so, they are most easily used in the Eugene, Oregon USA area. I also own a Flower Farm (see below). That's the free/best place for "no travel" shows. Travel is extra and can be arranged. All sales are subject to availability and fitting the booking schedule. Wands are currently out of stock (I can make more eventually) and I don't want to ship bubble mix (heavy liquids). Really Big Bubbles require special conditions to work well. Smaller bubbles to amaze children work most any time and place. Large outdoor lawns are great. I suggest you discuss your desired purchase before buying the tokens if your really serious about using them to buy Bubble stuff.

WetRocker Tokens (100 for $1.00 US, about 0.007 BCH)

Big Bubbler owns a Flower Farm!


WetRocker Tokens can be traded for U-Pick Cut Flowers, U-Dig Plants and Farm Event-Venue Rentals with optional add-ons such as a large burning firepit, Manned Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, Bubble Show, Small Music Stage (no roof yet), Staffed Smoothie Machine, Raft Trip Shuttle, Etc.. It is a small farm with no good bathroom yet (portables can be rented). Great for company picnics, bubble parties and late night partys. I suggest you discuss your desired purchase before buying the tokens if your really serious about using them to buy farm stuff.

Smoothie Tokens (100 for $1.00 US, about 0.007 BCH)

Smoothie Tokens can be used to buy smoothie drinks if we have the machine running or to rent the machine and a staff person to run it for you during an event-venue rental (or if your a friend who's visiting). Makes frozen drinks, so best enjoyed in warm weather. You provide the supplies for the machine. Needs alcohol and/or real sugar (or a lot of sweet fruit) to freeze correctly. Minimum batch is about 3 gallons per side (there are 2 sides if you want 2 kinds at once). WetRocker tokens can substitute for Smoothie tokens.

The **BigBubbler, WetRocker and

**** Smoothie **Tokens are "stable coins" worth $0.01 (one US cent) each towards the products and services discussed under each coins description above. I will work on coming up with pictures and a price list for the things they can be spent on. You can also ask if you are interested in something.

**BCH PAYMENT Address:



(I can provide a single use address if you prefer)

Or, Up-Vote any of my Posts on HC to get 200 free Fun-Type tokens for each up-vote.

If you want to send me SLPs:


Let me know if you want to offer any other crypto. I love most of them. I do want some EOS to make a wallet if anyone wants to offer some of that. I think I need about 1.5 EOS.

Not so fine print: I am currently the subject of a federal investigation. All of these offers are subject to them being legal. I don't think I need a "money transmitter" license to sell these. You can mail me cash if your worried about buying the tokenized version.