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2019-03-10T06:03:30.000Z Honest Cash

My Bio did not fit in the HC bio space, so, here is a more detailed one:

I'm Big Bubbler on Reddit and Facebook. My flower farm is "Wet Rock Gardens" near Interstate-5 on the McKenzie River in Oregon, USA (also on FB).

I like writing and anti-trolling in support of what looks to be the best current implementation of "freedom money" for The People of the world (Bitcoin (Cash)). My writings here on HC cover many of my views. BCH is not perfect, but, I think it's team is trying to do the right stuff while under attack by well funded "dark" forces who fear it will succeed. I do not think BCH will be the only great cryptocurrency and I don't think currencies will be the only great crypto's.

US HSI took all my crypto, bank accounts, electronics and paper backups (June 2018). No charges so far (March 2019). I hope to get my stuff back. Can't really talk about it while under investigation. I am starting over on accumulating crypto..

I have been writing/anti-trolling/believing in Bitcoin (BCH) on social media. I am trying to counter the false narratives and social engineering attacks being spread there. Normally, ignoring real human trolls is the way to deal with them. Most of the ones attacking BCH are not like normal human trolls (that do it for attention). These have an agenda and if we don't counter their words, then only their message gets spread to new people here to learn. They also want to make our discussion forums seem toxic so new people will leave. That is an intentional part of the attack and is hard to fix since they can be on both sides of divisive discussions and may also be the ones complaining about the toxicity.

I am paranoid since I believe they are out to get me (and BCH). I also believe there is at least one conspiracy going on around here, lol.

I have a geology degree from Oregon State Univ. and a law degree from the Univ. of Oregon. I don't practice law, give legal advice or give financial advice. I am low on funds and looking for online consulting gigs. Squeeky clean crypto preferred, lol. I am giving away and selling SLP-tokens on HC (https://honest.cash/Big_Bubbler/big-bubbler-the-entertainer-tokenization-and-fun-token-benefit-sale-2593). I accept crypto at my farm and for bubble entertainment services. I even accept crypto for medical expenses if your one of the many who think I need professional therapy :-) I also love "rockhounding" and can lead guided adventures searching/digging for cool rocks in remote locations (I'm thinking in or near Oregon).

If you love BCH, I hope we get a chance to meet, Big Bubbler


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by @Big_Bubbler

Thanks for the support! Be aware if anyone has up-voted any of my posts they can provide an SLP dep. address and I will send some fun tokens. The offer is in here: