It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) The Cast of Characters

2019-01-01T02:19:52.000Z Honest Cash

The Talent is Sebastian. A pro athlete turned agent, entrepreneur, and promoter a real “all of the above” type when it comes to making money (the only thing that comes more naturally to him than playing soccer.)

The Old Money Master is Archer. His life goal is to not be the generation that loses all of his inheritance. He’s grown up a lot from the cocky, newly minted MBA and billionaire to be Dominique knew so well when they had last dated.

Godfrey manages Other People’s Money (OPM.) He taught her to never trust a money manager who doesn’t have more money than you. (Amongst a few other more interesting things we’ll get to later.)

J.R. (also known as “the youngin’) uses Government Money to get rich. Dominique’s disciple in business and pleasure. She met him at 19, and now at 28 he’s a major player in just about every market geared toward working class America (yes, this is the Warren Buffett strategy—why reinvent the wheel when it’s been done so well?) Unlike OPM, governments can just print more money!

And finally there’s me, I’m John, her P.A. (that’s Personal Assistant for anyone who doesn’t have one.) The other men (her “boys”) call me Milton. I am also everyone’s private attorney which is the reason why I know their intimate secrets. All you need to know about me personally is: 1. As a dual citizen, I travel on a Swiss passport (when it’s not convenient to travel on an Israeli one) and, 2. I come come from Texas, and everything really is bigger down there. (She does like her boys from Texas.)