It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Introduction - cont'd

2019-01-01T02:22:12.000Z Honest Cash

Now back to her story:

Like I said before, it all began with a suitcase full of cash. He gave it to her not because she needed it, but in theory to quash all other competition. It was after all her private island and villa we were vacationing at. We, being the men in her life. Assembled for some sort of game, or perhaps just because she could. All of us successful beyond expectations, but yet all each of us ever wanted was the one elusive thing you can’t buy with money—her. If that was possible, instead of ending their relationship, she would have stayed with Archer. They met when she was 14. He was a teenager for barely another month. The rumor is they never did consummate their relationship as it was basically over by the time she was of legal age. By 20, she’d realized there was only so much one—or in her case, what two men can do for a woman…Which, like the sign over her bed said, was “never enough” for her. (I’ll tell you the whole story later.) But back to the point, as her personal assistant and private attorney I happen to know she has way more than a suitcase full of cash stashed in several safe places already (and that doesn’t even count the Bitcoins, Ether and other various and assorted cryptocurrencies in her cold storage wallets.)

Ostensibly we were there to celebrate her 50th birthday—or was it her 40th? In all honesty she looked 30. The story behind her real age varied depending upon whom you spoke to. If you judged her based on her knowledge and expertise, it may have been her 60th (not that I would reveal her true age—I want to keep working for and sleeping with her.) She’s only aged backwards during the last 20 years—so it’s hard to nail down an answer without actual documentation. None of the other boys ever had the opportunity to sneak a peek at her passport in the line for customs (I’ve checked, but apparently she’s never traveled commercially.) If her men compared notes they’d be shocked…some thought she was 35, others 40, the youngin’ knew her real age as 45. Archer knows her actual age but would have needed to admit how young she was when they met (and apologize for being a hypocrite—the woman his son James wanted to date was only three years younger, not even half the age difference between Archer and Dominique.) Instead, Archer always adjusted her age upward to match his age and sense of propriety (he did come from VERY old money after all.) One thing her men did all agree on was her body was better than a 25-year-old’s. She could easily pass for 28 herself if not for her wisdom and in spite of her control over the most powerful men in the world.

She was truly unfuckwithable.

The party was planned, the invitations sent, the guest list short but sweet. Well, maybe sweet is not the right word—let’s try stunningly selective. Each guest was hand-picked to cater to her very specific needs. Always the consummate planner, she’d been working on preparations for months. Each of her men will be spoiled, pampered, and played with, as is her style. Each man on the list fulfills a specific desire or possesses a particular skill she needs to execute her master plan—the evil genius strategy she had devised as a child—purportedly before she even knew how to seduce and manipulate these powerful men.