It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Epilogue

2019-01-01T03:49:31.000Z Honest Cash

I bet you want to know what she does with all the money, I’m sure some of you speculate that she spent it on a second villa, or perhaps bought another “Necker Island.” Or even (wisely) expanded the helicopter fleet herself. What she actually does is more in line with her personality than pulling off the heist was…She donates most of the suitcases full of cash to her loyal employees. I suppose her girls are her version of a family so it’s not surprising that Dominique would want to make their dreams come true. And she does it—by giving them a hand-up toward extreme wealth, just as her men had done for her. Her only requirement was that the money be used as a means toward an end goal. Not simply as something to spend on what feels good. Dominique preaches to each of her girls, Rule #10, “Sometimes what you need to do, is not what you want to do, but as long as you do what you need to do first, you will have the resources to do what you want to do.” Because Dominique had a brilliant plan as a teenager, (and the foresight to see it through)…every one of her girls got a huge hand-up in the form of cash—sliced from the huge pie she created from scratch by pure will and decades of planning—perfectly executed over a 30 year timespan.

One of the other things Dominique does with the suitcases full of cash is write a “How to be successful book.” She uses the extra cash as an opportunity to step away from the business and build a “Do It Like Dominique” self-help and empowerment brand. This is where you’ll find the complete list of Dominique’s Rules along with her productivity tips—in the supplemental book at I also hear that the girls are working on a Youtube channel (that should be interesting viewing…I’ll definitely be a subscriber.)

The mistake her men made (myself included) was we just assumed she would always be available. I suppose sometimes men forget that women have their own agenda, (which doesn’t always include us.) Dominique may love all of her men, but she doesn’t need any of us…Rule #18 is after all, this quote from Warren Farrell in The Myth of Male Power “Women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness and men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength.” (I really wish I’d known about the list before this week started.) Because, “Man forgives woman anything save the wit to outwit him.” Minna Antrim…It's not theft (or piracy) if they freely give her what she asks for…and because her mind is bulletproof…and (apparently) her boys are just adorable….Dominique is very good at being very persuasive, and she did train all of us, starting with Archer who’s a good boy—he always does what she tells him to do.

As for what caused Godfrey’s demise, you’ll have to wait for the next installment…Dominique’s story is far from over but for now, I feel like it’s appropriate to end this portion of the story on Gibbs’ rule #36—’If it feels like you’re being played, you probably are.’

John Milton

February 12, 2018

Written @ Tall Pines