It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 8 - Meditating with Kundalini

2019-01-01T02:50:13.000Z Honest Cash

“Get undressed,” she orders Archer as soon as the door to his suite closes behind them.

“Well, this has taken an interesting turn,” he replies, and complies with her request, not quite sure he’d be able to resist her advances if that was what was going to come next…It had been a long flight, after a long month of near constant travel, and he has, especially in the last of these thirty plus years, come close to giving in to her sexual desires. Now that they were both beyond the point of procreation…she by choice, he by default…his resistance seemed ludicrous. It was a habit he had developed…transmuting his desire for sex to only his wife, and now that her child bearing years were finished, he needed Dominique to give him another outlet…as only she could. She had trained him after all.

What Archer didn’t realize until it was too late, was Dominique had successfully distracted him from noting that where his kitchen had been, there is now a single door, the type you would normally find in an office stairwell.

She takes off his tie, blindfolds him with it, and leads him into the first of the new rooms where he, stripped naked, is lead into a bath of body temperature water where she positions him on his back. Archer unconsciously starts floating and he realizes, just a moment after she removes his blindfold, that the room is 100% dark, and the reason why he’s floating in a foot of water without effort is because the bath is saturated with Epsom Salts…He’s about to experience a “sensory deprivation” float. Good thing he’s floated before, otherwise he’d be considerably more concerned about what type of torture or pleasure she had in store for him tonight.

Her tactic successfully executed, she tells him, “I’ll see you in an hour.”

He nods, not that she can see him, in the complete and total darkness. (Ceci and I can, through the video feed from the infrared cameras.)

(Archer really does do whatever she tells him to do.) How the teenage version of her managed to train him, (she wasn’t his first date, lover or girlfriend) but according to legend, she was the first one “to get to him.” Whatever that means. Perhaps someday we’ll discover her secret, but more likely, we’ll have to wait for Archer to confess it on his deathbed.

Dominique quickly and quietly sets the pod and tub timers for 90 minutes, and, and gets in the pod next to the tub.

As you may have guessed, all the secret construction meant that Archer’s suite is now specially outfitted with his and her sensory deprivation float tubs (or rather a tub and a pod, but other than aesthetics, don’t ask me the difference—I’d never get in either one….well, maybe if she ordered me, but she’s not the type to make a man do something that’s ‘not his cup of tea,’ unless he needs to be disciplined, and I rarely need to be, because frankly, she scares me sometimes.)

The other additions to Archer’s suite include sound and light therapy chairs…and of course, a hidden panel behind the bed stocked with things I’d—well, I’d rather not discuss…their relationship is complicated, and can only be defined as being considerably outside any societal norms. What I can comfortably tell you (well, maybe legally is a better term than comfortably..nothing those two do together makes me feel comfortable) is Dominique doesn’t have to ask Archer her favorite question, “If you haven’t tested your boundaries—how do you know if you have one?” She already has the answer. Because their relationship is supposedly, and theoretically, nonsexual in nature, I wouldn’t have thought Dominique could determine Archer’s limits. This was before I started working for Dominique and I still I assumed those two operated under normal, ordinary, circumstances like the rest of us…but I was wrong..

—there’s video…


I can’t unsee it.

After the float and a shower, they meet in Archer’s newly remodeled meditation room. Dominique has already counted out the morning glory seeds, made her herbal tonic, and poured the cups of Absinthe. The first cup of Absinthe, is heated and mixed with the tonic which is formulated to keep them up all night so they can discuss spirituality, economics, business, and occasionally, even sex. Supposedly, the Kundalini is the most interesting thing they discuss, at least that’s the story they tell her other men, and anyone else who may ask, “what’s your deal, anyway?” If you’re curious, the tonic changes every time they meet but it’s basic ingredients include yerba mate, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, reishi (the mushroom, not the sage,) all mixed into a coconut oil mixture because, even though some of the ingredients help increase your metabolism, if you don’t consume fats first, your body doesn’t recognize that it should release, instead of store fat. Dominique always follows this rule with her meals. She does enjoy freaking out a new friend by eating the fatty parts of a porterhouse first. (Not that ordering a porterhouse in the first place, isn’t a bit of a novel idea for a petite woman.) Originally, the formula included magnesium, but I’m assuming she dropped that ingredient. I’m sure they absorbed enough during their floats. You might wonder why they consumed these particular “herbal” and “natural” drugs, and not say, pot. First off, pot doesn’t really do it for her, it’s never given her any fun other than nausea, that and all of the drugs they consume are legal, oh, and the fact that the FAA frowns on THC in your system when you’re flying, if you’re a pilot. So there’s that.

With practiced precision, they each, in turn, toast and drink their first cup of spiked Absinthe.

Archer toasts, his eyes closed in concentration, “I cannot ravish your body, so I will devoutly worship your mind. I’ve lost my desire for free will. Please teach me how to serve mankind.”

Dominique toasts in kind, “Because I could not remain your ultimate ideal, the Virgin Mother as you wished…because I could not bear your children—tonight, as always, I will refrain, from your touch of my sacred flesh, unless I be tempted because I need you to help fulfil my purpose, I’ll toast with you ‘until the morning’…after one last kiss.”

Several minutes later, they finally finish the “one kiss.”

They feed each other the seeds one at a time, caressing, but not kissing each other until the final seed has been consumed. Finally, they drink the last cup of Absinthe and lay next to each other, not touching but taking turns running their hands over the contours of their partner’s body, until one of them gives in (usually Dominique) and they lay together, barely moving, breathing heavily until one of them succumbs to orgasm (usually Archer.)

Hours later, still naked in nearly 90° heat, they lay, their bodies touching along every possible inch (chest-to-chest)…except for their lips, with their hands back-to-back, palms out…This is part of their ritual. (Like I said, those two are weird.) I wake up, groggy, apparently I fell asleep in the chair next to Ceci….at least she let me sleep, I really needed it.

Toward morning, they discuss Jungian philosophy…they even do actually discuss Kundalini and her awakened influence on their lives, and finally they discuss transformations and transmutation of sexual desire—the last being the thing that seems to bind them together more than anything else throughout time…Which makes sense, if you know their history.

Unlike, but not quite opposite Archers’ path to enlightenment, Dominique’s way of transmuting her sexual desire is to deny every man access to her reproductive rights—she remains barren by choice, so that she can commune as an equal with the most powerful men in the world—under her terms, not theirs. In her estimation, fertility is a birth defect. Equality between the sexes can’t be addressed until reproduction is removed from the womb.

As a young girl, Dominique had seen the problem extraordinary women face when they conform to societal expectations. To give you just one example, she watched as her grandmother made the mistake of choosing to raise a family and deny the world her artwork…Granted abortion was illegal in 1947, so there weren’t exactly options. Not only did the repercussions of abuse and neglect echo through generations, her grandmother was a great artist, but for thirty years, when she was raising a family, barely produced any work…She’d abandoned her exceptional talent, in lieu of following the path of motherhood, something she did not have an innate ability for…some women are not maternal…I don’t think any of the women in Dominique’s family were. So Dominique opted out. She knew her talents lay elsewhere. Her strong suit was most certainly not changing diapers or dealing with pregnancy…or, as she described it “having a non-symbiotic being live off of you for nine months.” It does sound unappealing, and slightly gross, if not outright disturbing, when you put pregnancy in those terms. Regardless, she didn’t have time to deal with the unnecessary inconveniences associated with pregnancy which is why she simply avoided marriage. (There are a few more reasons, but pregnancy was the deal breaker for Dominique.) There was at least one attempt at bribery. Godfrey offered her $3 million USD to have his child—conceived, of course, the old fashioned way. She did the math and turned him down—after purchasing a home and hiring a domestic, a nanny, and a driver (this was back in the days before Uber,) his offer only got her to the kid’s second birthday—and he got off cheap. By her estimates (and private money is always just an estimate) $40 to $50 million should have been the price, given his family’s wealth. Even though she would have considered carrying Godfrey’s (and certainly Archer’s) legacy to term, given the right incentive, (a surrogate and lack of parental responsibilities…she was OK with being an egg donor, but nothing else.) Godfrey wasn’t going to get off cheap, just because she was desperately in need of help (and money) at that brief instant in history. In another month, she met a very charming European man (not Sebastian) and her problems were (temporarily) solved…This one was interested enough in her to pay dearly for her time, attention, and affection. (Considerably more than Godfrey was willing to spend on a non-exclusive deal.)

The first time I watched their ritual, I learned something very interesting about how Dominique had become—Dominique, the woman all of the extraordinary men in the world wanted. I gleaned from their discussion that somehow, “The ancient rishis discovered that man’s earthly and heavenly environment, in a series of twelve-year cycles, push him forward on his natural path.” (I later discovered, while browsing through her library, the source—Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. Dominique, never to be outdone, even by an ancient rishi (a seer or sage,) she simply compressed that timespan to 7 years. Her 7-year itch involved reimagining her life and lifestyle not merely her mate. The seven year age gap between her and Archer gave her the time to realize you can reinvent yourself in such a short timespan…Because she had. She was a completely different person—her persona completely changed in the almost seven years from the time they met, until the time she left him, dropped out of her family life, and stepped off the hamster wheel that is the reality of a public life. She was not only a woman for the first time—but one with a worldview very different from what her family and former life had taught her was “real.” Rather than behave like she had been expected to all her life, she adopted and lived by the motto. “I get what I want, with who I want, when and where I want, without limitations, but within the law…usually.”

As Katharine Hepburn once said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” I suppose there could be worse ways to live than to have your life purpose be the spread of fun…at least Dominique didn’t, as many who knew her as a child were concerned she would, move toward malfeasance as a lifestyle. There was definitely some discussions as to whether or not she would become an evil genius…and if she did, whose fault would it have been? I doubt that Dominique was ever really on the path of pursuing evil, but (adults especially) don’t like to address things they cannot comprehend or understand…and I can see, as a child, how some of her unique talents and ways of thinking, could easily become a threat to the adults’ reality.

At the end of the night, Archer goes back into meditation and chants his mantra as Dominique prepares the bedroom for what happens next.

It is interesting to note Archer’s mantra (he carries a copy in his wallet.) “She’s a Goddess, She’s a Superhero, She’s Supernatural, She’s Otherworldly, She’s Awesome, She’s Amazing, She’s Beautiful, She’s Intelligent, She’s a Leader, She’s a Creator, She cannot be mine, She is mine, She will always be mine.”

He finishes chanting, opens his eyes again, and confesses out loud, “She’s everything to me, if I wanted an evil genius superhero sex goddess…and I do, but I can’t admit it…not even to her.”

Dominique must have heard Archer’s musings because, before they head into the bedroom, she gives a confession of her own, “I love you, my darling Archer. I always have, I always will.”

He smiles, and cries as they sit, Dominique curled up in his lap, for a few minutes…composing themselves before the final act.

Their goal, and the purpose of this ritual, was to transmute space and time and live in a reality where they were together, forever. Sex was never the goal—it was pure, white, all-encompassing love—that was the point. It was what they could never have, given his obligations and her goals and needs.

As they walk the short distance over to the bed this time, Dominique shares one last surprise with Archer, “While you were away, I added special sound proofing to the room. Fortunately I known a few musicians with home studios from my days at Miss Dom’s so I was able to make it actually, really, soundproof…Not just a little bit like before. So go ahead and make as much noise as you want. The audio’s turned off. No one can hear you scream.”

“Sounds delicious. When can we start?”

“We already have,” and her lightning fast movement knocks Archer to the ground where he lays, stunned for a moment before he regains full consciousness and prostrates himself at her feet.

Regardless of how it starts, or progresses—it always ends with Archer, laid out on his back on the ground, and Dominique standing over him, with one foot on his chest.

This is the point where I actually do turn off the audio (like all women, Dominique occasionally tells her men a little white lie now and again.) This occasion is no different, Ceci doesn’t argue with me. We don’t, in reality, have orders to turn the audio off, and to be honest, we’re still recording.—I just prefer to turn my attention to another task when working, or for today, to the remainder of my martini and Ceci who is happy to have a distraction from the disturbing things that occur when Archer and Dominique are alone together.—I’ve seen the full ritual once—I don’t need to watch it again…ever.