It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 7 - Archer Arrives from India

2019-01-01T02:47:58.000Z Honest Cash

Dominique always meditates in the afternoon—she finds it more restorative than a nap—and based on her ageless skin, and unhurried yet focused pace, I’d agree with her theory—I can barely keep up with her—thank god for all her men, she would have broken me in six months if she hadn’t insisted I share her with them.

Just as she reappears post meditation, Archer arrives from India via helo-transport from the mainland. The pilot is Ceci Copia, one of her protegés…Not someone you would expect to be a helicopter pilot. With a background in…well, computer science to put it nicely.—To be upfront, Ceci is best known (in the U.S. anyway) for not getting arrested for hacking the CME. She was hired by DARPA before the Feds found out. (You would have thought that DARPA hiring a former Italian model living in D.C. would have been a red flag, but apparently both logic, as we’ve seen, and efficiency are missing from the current bloated government bureaucracy that is the federal government…I really am starting to sound like Dominique.) More interestingly, the best piece of gossip is why Ceci came to work for Good and Crafty. While in D.C., she worked the diplomatic scene on the side as an escort because she was bored….Dominique came across her at a couple parties and used her own contacts to investigate Ceci’s background. Unlike the Trump dossier by Fusion GPS, Dominique’s dossiers are flawless, so she knew Ceci’s background as a self-taught “programmer” (read: hacker…now a white hat.) What Dominique offered her, that Ceci couldn’t create on her own, was the opportunity to use her body and her brain…and get paid for both. As Dominique’s “woman in Washington,” Ceci was indispensable. She often “double-dipped,” working as security, as well as an escort. Dominique didn’t mind…as we know, she’s a fan of pillow talk…especially with foreign diplomats and dignitaries. Diplomatic immunity is a useful thing…and when the shit hit the fans instead of the pillowcases, Dominique or one of her girls is there to “clean-up” the problem…no questions asked. Speaking of girls, I’m not exaggerating when I say that the entire fleet is staffed by beautiful, intelligent, and talented female pilots—extraordinary women in training. Dominique discovered early in her career as a pilot—flying helicopters is a great way to meet wealthy men which makes it easy for her to recruit women with good looks, talent and brains. If you can afford to, as Archer and the others can, given the option…you’re obviously going to hire the hot chick with a helicopter.

Interrupting me mid thought, Dominique suddenly commands, “Go greet Archer. I’ll be up in a few minutes, I just have one last adjustment to make before I Iet Ceci take over down here.”

I did as I was told. I was ready to be off duty.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one anxiously awaiting Archer’s arrival, J.R. must have seen or heard the helicopter heading our way because I ran into him on my way walking over to the heliport to greet Archer. I didn’t hear the approach myself, I was in the bunker finishing work when it came into view on one of the screens…Apparently Dominique had muted the audio which was interesting but not surprising, given the festivities were about to begin. (Frankly, I’m starting to get more than a little nervous about what she has planned for us boys—she can be as cruel as she is generous…if she wants to be.) Glad the official party can now begin, I lightheartedly addressed Archer with a low bow, “Welcome to the island, his royal monkness.” I can joke with Archer, knowing he might be annoyed but would also never let it show, one way of the other. I had to take the opportunity to poke fun at the competition before Dominique made an appearance. Archer, cool as a cat or a cucumber (I think the second one makes more sense) I never met a cat that likes the cold—yes, I get the whole “aloof” thing but cats can be friendly—when they want to be, just like Dominique.

Where was I? I never realized the effect that Archer’s demeanor could have on me until just right now…I think I might be out of my league. I’ll have to do some brainstorming and maybe a bit of research on my days off to see if I can dig up a little dirt I can use against him or at least temporarily throw him off his game. He’s a good looking young billionaire, there has to be something there…Everyone has something they need to hide from the public. Archer’s the only one who doesn’t (as far as I’ve seen) have any obvious legal issues, mistresses, or special kinks that don’t involve Dominique, so I’m going to have to go deep. Of course I have to be careful, they did meet (Dominique and Archer) when she was a teenager but exploring and exposing anything in their relationship would only backfire so I’ll have to look somewhere else. Hmmm. I wonder if his kid James knows anything? Dominique’s already hired and made an alliance with his daughter Patricia—Pat for short, just so anyone who doesn’t know better can confuse her with her brother…Come to think of it, that kind of fun has Dominique written all over it. She must have already taught Patricia how important it is to always have the advantage, and how fun it is to mess with boy’s heads….She is a bad influence. (Dominique, not Pat)…although they are two of a kind—perhaps Archer should be concerned.

I’ve never seen anyone greet a guest quite the way she does Archer…but, it’s Dominique so she can get away with simply striding up to Archer, wrapping her arms around his six foot plus tall figure while he hugs her shoulders and kisses her once on the forehead (those two really are weird….sometimes they act more like siblings than anything else.) But only for about 30 seconds before Dominique suddenly grabs Archer hard by the tie, pulls his face down closer to hers, as she stands up on her tippy toes to be closer to him and quotes Linda Ellerbee, “If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a noose around your neck?” She has a point. Although arriving straight from India, Archer was rested, relaxed, polished, and poised as if he was just starting the day, not at the tail end of it. She grabs with her free hand her guru by the balls before letting go of his tie and hauling him off to his suite. Stopping for a moment to make a quick comment to J.R. whose mouth has fallen open in disbelief. I suppose he didn’t realize he wasn’t her only submissive.

“What?! He likes to beg, and I like to make him. It’s the perfect relationship.” Oh that dangerous…smile of hers.

“Speaking of arrivals, and behaving badly,” she mentions to Archer in passing, ”don’t expect Godfrey this trip. I’d be shocked if he bothered to show up—Lucy and I have been trying to reach him all day—but alcohol is one bitch of a mistress.”

Since she’s obviously occupied for the evening, J.R. and I decide to retire early, but this time to our separate suites. Unlike her, we’re still exhausted from the previous night’s festivities—and there are still so many more days to come (and hopefully many more chances to cum.) I hate to admit it but I’m starting to feel my age. I know Dominique doesn’t believe in aging, but she’s extraordinary, and I’m just a man. Maybe it’s the work, but I’m not usually this tired this early in the game…I’m starting to wish I had a dealer in the area—cocaine is considerably more effective at keeping me up all night (as long as I don’t have to worry about getting it up all night.) At my age, coffee just makes me pee. Maybe I should consider following Dominique’s health advice…maybe, but for now I’m going to have a martini and check on Ceci before heading to sleep.