It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 4 - In Her Bed

2019-01-01T02:40:01.000Z Honest Cash

She had warned both of us…she warned all of her men “I don’t play with safe words or use airbags.” She wasn’t kidding.

“OK boys, R U ready to play?”

Below the sign hanging above her headboard declaring “NEVER ENOUGH” (yes, it’s a thing with her,) she took J.R.’s hands and handcuffed them over his head and attached them to a special handcrafted hook built into her headboard which was (for obvious reasons) adapted and reinforced to ensure no possibility of escape by her captured prey.

We’re in her living quarters which is the entire fourth floor and at 5800 sq. feet, it’s bigger than most homes (and that doesn’t include the rooftop where she has her own pool, garden, and workout room with a view.) Because you’re unlikely to ever be invited to the fourth floor, I’ll take you on a virtual tour. Once you pass the security check (among other things, no cell phones were allowed in her private space…Dominique keeps the only digital record of what transpires behind closed doors.) You also need to gain access via key card or retina scanner. She takes her privacy very seriously. Did I mention she likes to be in control? Although there are four ways to access her private floor, the main entrance (and the only one I’ve ever used) was reached from the elevator with access to each of the other floors (the other elevator went directly to the safe room within the bunker…because apparently you can’t ever be too safe.) The two staircases lead from the roof to the main floor on one side, and the pool level on the other.

In her workout room (I have to warn you that the term “room” is a bit misleading…she has all of the amenities available at any decent health club in her private space.) There are steam and sauna rooms and of course a hot tub to help with post Krav Maga workout aches and pains (although it doesn’t do much for scrapes and bruises.) That’s when a trip to Chinatown for the right elixir is needed…a Chinese admirer from Hong Kong turned her on to the good stuff and taught her just enough Chinese to know how to ask for it without looking like a member of the DEA. Years ago when she first bought the property, Sebastian helped her design the workout area. For more than a year, she also used his network of trainers and doctors who work with pro athletes and Olympians, to help her experiment and test various diets and workout regimes to define what the best habits and practices for the “average woman of a certain age” (read: non-professional athlete over the age of thirty) should be. What she discovered was a surprisingly simple formula—build and maintain muscle through weight training, maintain and increase flexibility, balance, and good posture using essentrics and active stretching, don’t eat grains, and limit dairy and alcohol. (I should note that she was 16 the last time she ate sugar so you need to know that is a significant part of her age-defying strategy.) As for her other activities like swimming and fencing, those were just for fun and unlike with Archer, she only did yoga when she didn’t feel like doing a “real” workout. In fact, the workout room was the first thing she finished before moving in. That’s some serious #priorities.

If you’re curious why working out was her number one priority you have to understand that she did give up tennis at the age of 14. She could have continued down the path of pursuing a serious career in tennis but even at that young age, she knew that if she was in this much pain already, the possibility that she wouldn’t even be able to walk comfortably by the time she was 20 was pretty high. Even decades later, she often wished she had been born in the current generation, now that active stretching and essentrics are incorporated into weight training along with a de-emphasis on cardio (as long as you work both your slow and fast-twitch muscles, and develop your lung capacity, you’re good on fitness.) She would probably still be playing tennis.

Sorry about the sidebar…(Dominique is so dead serious about health and fitness, it’s easy to get sucked into her messaging sometimes…she does make us key employees pass a test based on her personal health and fitness philosophy as one of the requirements for employment.)

OK, I’m done with the lecture…Now back to the tour…

In addition to Dominique’s bedroom suite, there is a full guest suite (especially useful if her guest snores or passes out….I’m not naming any names, but it is nicknamed Godfrey’s crash pad…apparently he crashes hard when he comes down.) She prefers to only have pussy in her bed with her at night (did I mention she has three female black cats?)…It does explain the fountain in her main entryway…the pussies are fans of watching the koi fish in the surrounding pond type area. (I’m not sure what you call an indoor, man-made pond.) The German Shepherds sleep outside whatever door or near the elevator doors she used to access her private floor…like all of her boys, they’re very loyal. She of course has a large office and a full kitchen with automated dumbwaiter for provisions and laundry chutes in the kitchen and each of the bedroom, bathroom, and powder rooms because only her private staff, (not even household employees) are authorized to enter her inner sanctum so during a typical stay, either I or one of her girls will do her butlering. Not surprisingly, all of the rooms are structured to accommodate a water view. The rooms are designed to be long and deep (the same way she likes sex.)

That reminds me of an incident from several years ago. I was with a friend who asked, as we were driving past a community of large homes, why do you need that much space? I mean you’d need to use the intercom just to find out where your kids are. My response was “that’s the point. Isn’t it? The point is all of that space is to have enough of it so we can each follow our own joy—without interfering with everyone else’s life regardless of whether or not that dream includes drums or scream therapy (or any other form of drama.)” Dominique felt the same way. Although her definition of “joy” is a little more interesting than most people’s.

Hmmm…Is there anything else I should mention? Well, while I’m giving you a tour, I might as well describe the rest of the place. The first floor which you enter from the heliport side of the island, has all the usual stuff—just larger (like the four walk-in sized fireplaces spread throughout the common areas) and room for on duty staff (or as Dominique liked to say “the guts and glory of the household.”) There is one suite (located just off of the kitchen) which is dedicated to whomever can’t do stairs or handle the movement of an elevator after a party. (It’s also a great place to rendezvous for a little side action…if you can manage to arrange it, and you don’t mind the existence of video—Dominique’s not above blackmail, given the opportunity.) There’s also many, many, powder rooms. Oh so many powder rooms—I don’t know how many, I’ve never taken the time to count and since I don’t have to clean them, I guess it doesn’t really matter, does it? From the entrance, and the dining and reading rooms, or the parlour, you can walk out to the grounds through oversized french doors. The remaining rooms have balconies and a view of the pool.

Where was I? As you know, each of her guests has their own assigned suite. (Not that we didn’t share accommodations occasionally—or, to be honest, most of the time, especially when it was just J.R. and me.) Moving upward toward Dominique’s retreat, Godfrey, J.R. and I have suites on the second floor, like I’ve mentioned, J.R.’s is smaller and although still the size of most one bedroom apartments, is only 600 sq. feet, exactly half the size of any of the suites assigned to her other men invited this weekend—I guess submissives only get half the space. Archer and Sebastian’s suites, situated on the third floor are tantalizingly close to Dominique. Between the second and third floors, there are an additional five empty suites. Each suite has an office (it may be her vacation home, but she understands that the world doesn’t stop just because you’re on an island), a galley kitchen (just in case you’re in a “do not disturb” state of mind, or undress,) and the obvious bedroom and full bathroom. Additionally, the larger ones have a powder room and each suite has a balcony (so you can enjoy the view, obviously,) a fireplace (just in case, because the generators don’t cover heat and it can get cold in the evenings, at the beginning or end of the season). There are also guest specific amenities (aka a full bar for Godfrey, a weight room for Sebastian and goodness only knows what for Archer…Lucy and Ceci have been managing a lot of construction in the last two months.)

But the really interesting stuff (excluding any secret passageways or hidden panels in the bedrooms) was everything on the pool level or what most normal people would call the basement walkout. But in the Marquess’ usual over the top style (yes, she’s titled) her money may not be as extensive as Archer’s but it’s actually older than his. It’s the only reason why his father didn’t object too loudly to their dating. They may have a family crest, but not a title. We know about the outdoor pool, but there is also an indoor one with corresponding hot tub, steam, sauna, and massage rooms. In one wing, there is a conservatory, and in the opposite wing, a library, with weight, billiards, movie and meditation rooms, a Himalayan salt cave, and a salon for nails and make-up while showers and soaking tubs complete the accommodations in the main section of the house.

The guests are treated like royalty—or at least royal guests.

Now that the tour is over—you might be surprised to find out what Dominique does with me now that J.R. is securely restrained.

Honestly, she doesn’t do anything—well, more exactly she lets me do everything to her. She starts by standing with her arms stretched out, completely submissive, and allows me to strip her. In real life, I’m her servant, but in private, I’m her master. Even Dominique needs as escape from always being in charge. It’s the same reason every executive visits a professional Dominatrix or a dungeon. Also, although disproved in the marketing arena, there is still something to the “decision fatigue” theory when it comes to sex. Dominique however is an exception (naturally). As a switch she needs to both dominate J.R. and be submissive to me to be fully satisfied. Not surprisingly, we strive to meet her needs—I, by making her do whatever I tell her to, and J.R., by submitting completely. She even, (like every bad sub) lets me punish her when she doesn’t behave, and like all submissives, she does occasionally enjoy misbehaving—so I do get to spank her perfect ass on occasion.

In private she does what I want her to do—it’s her release of control balanced with her simultaneous control over J.R. which gets her wet (that and cash—which is something she discovered the first time she was with Sebastian.) It’s good to know she admits money makes her wet—it explains so much about women in general.

Dominique is eager to please so I allow her to touch J.R. until he is hard and then I grab her and cum in her ass as she rides J.R.—for a brief moment—all three of us move together, I grab and pull her hair—hard, her neck reflexively fights against me and the pain—making her cum again, hard, two ways, triggering a second three-way simultaneous orgasm.

BTW—there are four ways for a woman to come…and to be with Dominique, you’d better know how to make all four happen. Just in case you haven’t been educated properly, (or are the type of person whose under the impression that bad sex, without a bad choice in sex partners is possible) the four ways are a. vaginally, b. anal, c. clitoral, and d. (because there’s always an option “D”) vaginal stimulation (otherwise known as “squirting”) without contractions.

Once she’s done with her second wave of orgasms, she loosens the attachment so J.R. can move his hands down around his chest but leaves him fastened to the bed for the night while she and I snuggle and spoon—her back to J.R.’s front, my back to her front.