It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 17 - What a Rude Awakening

2019-01-01T03:44:27.000Z Honest Cash

They all run outside when they hear the helicopter do a steep take-off over the house. It was unlike her to do a risky maneuver so naturally, they were concerned. Well that, and the fact that it’s several hours until breakfast and she never did share the results of the auction before leaving. We all know her well enough to know that once she leaves, she never looks back, she never turns around, she never second guesses herself. She was gone. For how long, we could only speculate. She disappears—and while they search for her in Europe, she’s moved on to Argentina, having added Portuguese to the languages she speaks fluently, (she’d been practicing with Archer’s regular pilot, Connie Acosta who is originally from Argentina.) And where her newest concubine, the boy from Buenos Aires, the sadist, who once handed her off to Sebastian when in NYC for the tennis US Open still lives. Archer should have been able to connect the dots, but Dominique had assumed he wouldn’t, as he didn’t. She picked Buenos Aires because no one would ever think of looking for her in South America.

The note is typed in Helvetica. She loved the font more than she hates it, and occasionally loathed it, but overall Dominique believes it is the best font for most uses. She always signed her correspondence with a D. One letter—that’s all the signature she needed and the time she allotted. Once she was done with a concept, a plan, a business, an idea, or a man—she was done—and there was no more discussion.

I’m already standing at the helipad—standing there in the wind, pretending it’s still the backdraft from her chopper, clutching a note from her when the rest of her men arrive on the scene. I slowly turn and address the rather forlorn looking crowd. “She’s gone…Ceci woke me up and left this note with me on her way out.”

My voice shaking, I read from the piece of paper in my hand.

Sorry Boys,

This bird has flown the coop. So sorry, better luck catching me next time.

I did leave a parting gift for each of you.—There’s a nude of me for each of you in your bedroom.

See you in my dreams tonight and perhaps, before you know it…in my bed.

P.S. Thanks for the suitcases full of cash (virtual and otherwise)—You know money always makes me wet ;)

Don’t worry, I’ll spend it wisely.

Xoxo your Mistress Dominique

Before we could stop her to ask for an explanation…Ceci—with perfect timing, takes off from the grass…leaving us boys in her dust as well.

My last thought before looking up from the letter was—there probably wasn’t any need for ballast on her return trip to the mainland. The suitcase full of cash would do the job.