It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 15 - That was Rough

2019-01-01T03:37:29.000Z Honest Cash

It’s breakfast time, (11 a.m.—we’re officially on Dominique’s schedule) and thank goodness because everyone is hurting—physically and psychically from some combination of drugs, (or is still high) hangover, (or is still drunk) with a headache, and/or confusion about what really happened the night before.—Well, everyone except Dominique and (presumably) Sebastian. He hasn’t arrived yet, but he’s always sober, completely in control—he only and always has two glasses of wine with dinner. Never more, never less. (I can see why Dominique kids him about being more Swiss than I am, the Italians aren’t exactly known for temperance when it comes to wine.) Even when alone with Dominique, Sebastian still behaves (outside of bed, anyway.) She’s the only woman (now that things have gone sour with his wife again) he can be himself around—in private anyway. But even then, he doesn’t open himself up to control through controlled substances. Godfrey speculates that Sebastian has to keep such tight control because he has an addictive personality. I don’t exactly have to speculate to know that Godfrey has intimate knowledge about this subject. But unless Dominique tells us Sebastian’s secret, we are unlikely to find out the answer. Other than myself, he was the only other one of us who spent their early years in Europe, and perhaps there was a reason why his mother sent him to live with his father in the U.S. when Sebastian was a teenager (this was before Twitter, so at this point all we can do is speculate as potential scandals happening during his teenage years were not covered when I took him on as a client.)

Speaking of Sebastian, suddenly—shocking all of us out of our respective funks, he walks in the dining room with a suitcase—throws it on the table and declares “I had the perfect life, the perfect wife, everything and then I met you Dominique and you stole it from me. For what? For one night in Wisconsin with you, I lost everything. Well I’m done. I’m not playing your games anymore. I’m calling your bluff. This suitcase is filled with cash. You can have it—with just one tiny little condition—you have to give up your men and marry me. That’s a bribe, and an ultimatum. Take it, or I’m leaving.”

“So, how much is in the suitcase?” Godfrey (shockingly) calmly asks.

She takes a look, but doesn’t bother to count the cash, and declares, “Enough. Raising her hand to address the stunned audience, she declares “Unless anyone else has a higher bid? No? Not yet? OK, Gentlemen—the auction has begun, let the bidding begin!”

J.R. jumps in and asks “What are we bidding for?”

“Let’s start with who I spend tonight with. I’ll also open the bidding for exclusive use of my body for the remainder of the year, and if anyone can beat Sebastian’s generous offer, I’ll consider any other offers of marriage or monogamy.”

We sit obediently in silence, waiting for her to continue.

“The bidding will be silent. You will make your offers directly to me…in private—but not necessarily in bed…there are no other rules.”

J.R., proving he’s a well-trained submissive who understands the rules of the game, raises his hand and waits for her to call on him before asking “How long do we have to make a bid?”

She smiles and replies, “The bidding with continue until Sunday morning when the results will be announced during breakfast—so don’t oversleep.” She purposefully looks at Godfrey who has not quite been on the ball for the last several months. Even Archer’s mentioned it to her—and those two boys are as thick as thieves and the oldest of friends.

So again, with a flourish—she raises her champagne flute to indicate a toast (or a challenge) “Let the games begin.”

Most of the rest of breakfast is rather silent, between the need to recover from last night’s festivities and the fact that each of us is silently contemplating our respective moves—small talk is not exactly on the menu.

Setting down his coffee, Sebastian comments, half to himself, “I need to go big on Bitcoins. Hauling a suitcase full of cash around is a pain in the ass.”

“Yeah, why would you have a suitcase full of cash anyway?” J.R. asks…because inquiring minds want to know. (Although I have a pretty good idea of where it came from.)

“Why wouldn’t I?”

With that response. J.R. makes his way out to the pool deck, shaking his head and stirring his drink the entire way.

Godfrey, looking pretty rough, directly after finishing his crepes—and with a tray of drinks, goes down the hall to take a nap.

I excuse myself without explanation and head to the bunker—there are better resources there than in my private office. I need to do some research. Both on what I can spend, and the original topic—Archer. I’d hoped that Ceci would be helpful, I’m not absolutely certain, but I’m pretty sure I’m at least one of her favorites. Unfortunately, she’s very busy as the bidding had just begun, and Dominique (apparently) delivered very specific orders regarding the auction. So I logged on and immediately updated Archer’s son on the latest development. I’m certain James wouldn’t want his father to spend a couple of suitcases full of cash on a woman other than his mother. Unfortunately, (I found out later) that Ceci was monitoring my coms. Technically, I knew that part, but not that she (on Dominique’s orders) had blocked the transmission. Dominique really had thought of everything.

That left a threesome of Sebastian, Archer, and Dominique. To enjoy mimosas (virgin or otherwise) together after breakfast.

“Well, this is fun—remember the first time we three were together?” Dominique teases.

“Of course, how could I forget?” Archer answers.

But before Dominique can launch into the story…somehow Archer and Sebastian get on the subject of business, and the World Cup, coming up in two years. So she takes the opportunity to excuse herself and sneaks down the hall to the spare suite to check on Godfrey. She finds him sleeping peacefully, so of course she bounds onto the bed to wake him up. Surprisingly, Godfrey wakes up horny and (obviously) in a good mood. He kisses her once on the forehead (ala Archer) and excuses himself to shower and shave. She stays in bed and once he crawls back in, cuddles with him…kissing, and teasing him. Godfrey, still naked from the shower, and Dominique fully clothed until she softens to him and lets him undress her. (Dominique never could stay mad at Godfrey for very long.) He’d trained her…so I assumed it would be good—but I never believed, (despite the rumors) that the old man actually had moves I’d never seen before…No wonder Dominique kept coming back to him….The only drawback, as I could see it, is that Godfrey’s age and alcoholism has caught up with him and he (apparently always) needs a nap after only one session. While Godfrey snoozes, Dominique showers, ensures a new tray of cocktails are laid out for him and heads out look for Archer and Sebastian.