It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 14 - Baby Needs Some Love

2019-01-01T03:33:14.000Z Honest Cash

Earlier that night—once safely inside his suite, Dominique swings around to face Sebastian and demands, “Did you bring it?”

Sebastian hands her the large suitcase I’d queried him about earlier and replies, “Of course.” Barely restraining himself from rolling his eyes. He always does what he promises…Dominique knows this, but—just for fun, she insists on testing him anyway. She lifts the suitcase up onto a table, unzips it and asks “It’s all here?”

“It’s exactly as you requested.”

“I don’t have any reason to not trust you, other than the fact that sports agents are a little bit like mobsters—they take their percentage off the top. Not that I disagree with the tactic, it is the smart move, to take your cut first (even if it does seem a little gangster)…But that’s also why we get along. We’re two of a kind.”

“Don’t say that. I’m legit.”

“Thou doth protest too loudly.”

Sebastian sits down and, not willing to argue with Dominique resigns himself to the loss by admitting, “You win. You always win.”

“Honey, I’m going to give you one piece of advice, if you want to stay married to Eve, you need to start hanging out with mobsters.”

“What? I don’t follow you? Why would I do that? That doesn’t make any sense?”

“Just hear me out.”

Sighing loudly, Sebastian replies, “OK.”

“You obviously, need to learn how to keep your mouth shut when talking to your wife. Because you can’t help yourself, you confess to things you don’t want her to know about and to things she shouldn’t know about, I’m just sayin’ you could benefit from being around people who know when to keep their mouth shut. As a general rule of thumb, mobsters never, ever admit anything—ever. Unless there’s photographic proof—it didn’t happen. Capisce?”

“OK, fine. I get your point. What do you want to do now?”

Dominique strides over to Sebastian, pauses for a minute to get his attention and declares “Let’s fuck. The thought of tripling your money has made me horny. I’m assuming it’s done the same for you.”

Sebastian didn’t need to agree. He’d never admit it…but when it comes to Dominique, he just always does what he’s told. She’s the only woman who’s ever had any power over him…besides his wife, (who only holds control over him because he wants access to his children.) Dominique has that effect on men. Probably not even realizing it, he submits to her even though Dominique’s just manipulated him into doing exactly what she wanted. But then again, she always gets what she wants with who she wants, exactly where and when she wants them without limitation. Always. Regardless of whether or not it is both legal and moral. Having won the battle, but not satisfied with the win, like the proverbial cat who continues to plays with an injured mouse, Dominique strolls over to the far side of the bed and sits down. It’s obvious she’s going to make him work for it tonight.

Sebastian demands, “Why are you all the way over there?”

“It’s purposeful…I want to make you come to me—before you can cum in me.”

Sebastian obliges…He stands up from the chair, walks over to the closest side of the bed, (the furthest away from her) gets up on it and crawls on his hands and knees across the bed to where Dominique is stretched out with her back turned to Sebastian. He grabs her by the waist, forcibly (but not roughly) turns her toward him, and straddles her tiny body. He proceeds by kissing her everything…I hate to disappoint you, but they eventually finish their foreplay and have straight-up sex. (Not to be boring, but when your life is extraordinary, regular things become exotic—the missionary position becomes a perversion of normalcy.) They never speak—they never have to—their bodies immediately synchronize like a spy’s watch to the atomic clock—always ticking, on time, together, their heartbeats in rhythm, with their pace, tempo and speeds accurate to the millisecond—pure physicality—no thoughts are needed or possible—total immersion and physical surrender to desire—two perfect specimens melting into an erotic tango for two of martini fueled fucking succumbing into numbness and sleep. When it comes to Sebastian, Dominique describes their lovemaking as feeling the same way as when she learns a new skill—”You have to start with the basics. If you can’t get me off without being overly creative—you don’t know what you’re doing.”

She had at one time or another, been various things to each of her men from mistress, lover, employee and business partner, or some combination of the above. To Sebastian, she was his mistress first, his employee second, and his business partner last. They discussed life and business…but not that one night in Wisconsin—he gave up a lot for that one night in Wisconsin with her. $25 million Euros to be exact. A quarter of his wealth. That’s how much he had to bribe his wife to stay with him. Sebastian’s desperate, he’s already put the 25 million in a trust for Eve’s kids (his sons and stepsons.) If they divorced, it would cost him nearly another 40 million all told between lawyer’s fees and support…Which would only leave him with 25 million Euros, not nearly enough to compete at the next level. Certainly not enough to build an empire with. Not by far. He’d generated $2 million for every year of his life, an impressive feat but not a big enough payday, (after he paid off Eve) to level up to extreme wealth…unless he lived to be 100…Which is a goal, but who wants to wait until their 90s to start having fun?

According to Dominique, “In another life, Sebastian would’ve been a capo—maybe even a Godfather, but certainly a mobster. The difference was, unlike a mobster, or maybe just like a mobster, Sebastian’s motivated not by greed, but by the power money possesses—by the things he could possess if he had enough of it…to have enough power to keep both his perfect wife, and his extraordinary mistress. To complicate matters, Dominique was the only woman he’d cheated on his wife with. Unlike Eve, who was dating one of the athletes he represented when they met, Dominique never dated the talent. He liked that…But he also knew she operated more like the mobsters that she accused him of behaving like. Without Dominique’s help, his entire plan would fall apart, and his divorce would’ve been simply a costly mistake. That’s her in with Sebastian. He’s very cautious and controlling but he can relax and be himself when he’s with her—that’s what he pays her extraordinary sums of money for—relaxation (that, and speaking of things that are “uber” in the original German context—her uber tight…everything. He was an Olympian after all, so his physical expectations are extraordinarily close to perfection…He even married a model which, at the time, everyone thought was a bit out of character except for the fact that, like Dominique, he never dates the talent, so he certainly couldn’t marry an athlete.

Sebastian’s business challenge going forward, now that he’d proved he was more than a one trick pony, (unlike so many former athletes before him) was going to be because he had so much success at a young age, he wanted to and expected to succeed at everything he set out to do—which is why the disintegration of his marriage was so personally devastating—it was a failure—even if it was one that brought him to Dominique…It was in fact, his first failure. It would be the first major blow to his ego. If he didn’t have the mental stamina of an Olympian, he wouldn’t have had the resilience to survive…His ego was fragile, after 35 plus years of praise. Even his coach, (for whatever reason) hadn’t been as rough on him as the other players.

In three years, Sebastian and Archer are going to be standing on the same podium in front of the world. Archer with his billions, and Sebastian with hopefully at least one. He didn’t have any option but to agree to Dominique’s scheme—he was running out of time to make a billion himself…Especially if he loses Eve, along with three-quarters of his net worth. It’s an enormous leap from 100 million to a billion. Dominique could make that happen, and all he had to do, was whatever she told him to do. Although he’s the biggest sports star in Italy…it’s still only a pond when compared to the American sports scene which is not a big pond, but the entire ocean…Except when it comes to soccer. That was Sebastian’s one advantage…But, Archer was born into his position and Sebastian had to work for it…And because of that he always resented it a little when the Americans treated him like “just the talent” because they only knew about him from his teenage years as an Olympian. Most Americans didn’t know he was a wealthy businessman and in fact the most successful agent in Europe…he wasn’t even on most Americans’ radar. Sebastian is a big fish in a decent-sized pond but he wants to jump as high as an asian carp and land in the biggest pond of them all—America—not only as a sports star, but a superstar-uber-wealthy (ultra-high-net-worth) big fish. He wants to be more than a small fish in a huge pond….He’s got the looks, and he’s proven he can deliver the goods, but can he manufacture money? That my friends, is the question his ego cannot understand—or answer. That is the question that keeps him up at night pacing and haunts him in his sleep. Always in control in business and his public life, in private he’s caring, considerate, even a bit soft, which makes him an even more extraordinary man—this part of him only his wife, and Dominique know about.

Eventually Dominique tires of the scenery so she (stopping along the way to peek in on Archer) takes Sebastian back to her lair—to metaphorically lick his wounds..and for him to literally lick her pussy once again.