It All Started With a Suitcase Full of Cash (#iaswasfoc) Chapter 10 - Tales from the Orient

2019-01-01T03:15:35.000Z Honest Cash

Like a professional tour guide, rather than let our group disassemble and disperse throughout the house, Dominique directs us to the theatre room by tempting us with this tantalizing promise of what we can only assume, will be an adventure. “Before lunch, and I apologize for its lateness, let’s take a detour—I have a short film that might be of interest.”

She marches us to the theatre room and commands, “Everyone get settled in…” and we, like the obedient little boys that we are, (at least around her) do as we’re told. Once we’re all seated, Dominique announces, “I have a rather unique video—as they say, for your viewing pleasure. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s a special feature.”

“Is it straight, gay, or bi-porn?” J.R. asks sarcastically, assuming (as we all are) that it is all of the above, as usual.

“Better.” Dominique replies. And we perk up. This IS something different.

The lights dim as she proclaims, “Let me present the first episode of my new series, Billionaires Behaving Badly.”

On cue, the projection screen appears and we view some very interesting security footage. I look around and Archer is blushing multiple shades of embarrassment.

“I see you’ve picked your first victim.” Whew! I thought it was going to be me or maybe J.R. After this morning, I thought for sure she was going to let Archer off the hook…at least this time.

“Yes, you are correct,” and with a melodramatically grand gesture, she proclaims, “let the games begin!” In the video we see Archer leaning against the bar in a hotel we are all very familiar with talking to a group of his senior executives. He turns and looks at Dominique elegantly perched on a high top chair. He smiles in recognition, and she returns his smile and turns back to her drink and her date. At least I’m assuming it’s her date given that she has her hand firmly planted rather high up on his thigh. It’s not anyone I recognize, although it could be one of her boy toys…especially if this is, as it first appears to be, a trap. (She’d make a great P.I,. only no wife is crazy enough to hire her to follow her husband, especially if he’s suspected of cheating.)

“Is that…?” Godfrey starts to ask but Dominique cuts him off before he can finish his thought, “Yes…Manhattan’s been good to me.” (The boys know the proprietor and an investor or two—but you’ll have to guess whom and where…I’m not sharing proprietary information.)

The film fast forwards about ten minutes (based on the timestamp) and we see Archer excuse himself from his group and walk over to Dominique. She does the introductions and chats with Archer for a few minutes, her hand on his—pressing tightly against the table. During the conversation she occasionally takes their hands from the table to pull Archer barely, just above imperceptibly closer to her…Until, in a span of fifteen minutes, he finds himself positioned between her legs—their bodies situated so close together that there’s no air between the two of them. Dominique stretches up to Archer’s neck (even in this position, he’s still more than a foot taller than her). All we see from this video angle is her lips simply brushing against Archer’s neck once as he convulses (I’m assuming in pleasure) with his eyes closed, his mouth open, his neck muscles flexing, and the vein in his forehead throbbing. (That’s some amazing resolution for security video…which again, makes me think this wasn’t an accidental meeting, and the video’s origin isn’t hotel security.) He stays in this position for what feels like minutes, (I’m too spellbound to keep track of the timestamp) before finally relaxing, closing his mouth, opening his eyes, and softly kissing her on the forehead (as he usually does) before bidding Dominique and her date goodbye. We cut to Archer walking across the bar, back toward his group while the Taylor executives struggle to reposition themselves in time before Archer notices that they’d been (rather conspicuously) attempting to see from the bar what’s happening across the room. Undoubtedly, all his executives know who Dominique is by sight—not just from the picture in Archer’s office, but because she’s done plenty of consulting work for Archer throughout the years, and therefore, a fairly regular visitor to the Taylor corporate campus.

As the screen finally goes black J.R. asks, “Did you just make him cum?”

Quite seriously, Dominique responds, “Why don’t you ask Archer?”

We all turn in his direction and Archer blushes 100 more shades of red before replying, “Technically, yes…”

“How the hell did you get him to do that!” Godfrey demanded. Apparently this was a skill he had not taught Dominique.

“I didn’t do anything…”Dominique says in a breathy voice, then pauses before finishing the sentence, “…bad.” That elicited a hearty round of laughs which she lets die down before continuing, “As you saw, all I did was focus his energy and attention on one special, very specific point on his neck…and licked.”

“And what is so ‘special’ about this particular spot on his neck?” I ask…curious to understand what it is about those two that’s so unsettling, and yet so natural looking.

“Nothing in particular—if you’re looking for some secret, sensual pressure point, that’s not it—although it is the highest spot on his neck that I can reach from both the passenger seat of his Beemer or standing next to him wearing my favorite stilettos…so naturally it’s the place I picked when I trained him to cum on command.”

“How’d you get to train him?” J.R. innocently inquires…still trying to put the pieces together to fit the whole story.

“I was lucky enough to get to him first.” She pauses, scans the room, and executes a perfectly timed response, “Because, you know—Archer’s not really submissive…just to me.”

Mic drop.


Well, that certainly piqued the room’s attention. All of us men sat, frozen in place as Dominique stalked over toward Archer, straddled him, and recreated the film scene.

You’d think by now Archer would’ve learned not to react…because that only encourages her.—In contrast, Sebastian’s policy is to pretend to ignore her when she’s behaving badly. As long as he can keep a poker face, that strategy works. She merely pretends to be annoyed, and in response to his aloofness, does her best spoiled little girl pout until the moment passes, Sebastian cracks, or her mood changes whichever comes first.

J.R. continued with his line of questioning, “So, is that what you two do when you’re quote not having sex?”

“Hmmm…not exactly.” Dominique replies, not offering any additional information before the lights magically turn up full blast and the music turns on, (fittingly) playing Elle King’s ‘Ex’s & Oh’s.’ Recovering, Archer grabs her by the hips, lifts her off his lap, and throws her giggling and squirming in play to the other end of the sofa where she lands halfway in Godfrey’s lap.

“Hi!” She proclaims as she scooches all the way up into Godfrey’s lap, kisses him full on the lips, adding a little tongue action at the end. “Aren’t you glad you came out?” Without waiting for an answer she asks the room, “Who wants to dance?”

Godfrey holds on tightly to her waist…not letting her get up—not that she’s trying that hard, she could easily take the old man.

Godfrey slurs. “I feel like you’re teasing me.”

“Just a little bit. It is my favorite pastime.”

“Really, that’s not what I heard.” Godfrey proclaimed.

“Well, one of my favorites, certainly…and just what have you heard?”

“I heard the senator had a mess at his apartment you cleaned up for him.”

“If you mean the apartment in his assistant’s name, so his wife doesn’t know, yes, I did…But that’s not exactly a hobby, that’s more of an occupational hazard (or a professional courtesy depending upon your point of view.) The senator is working on legislation that would modernize the FAA, so I need him on the job.”

“Oh no, someone change the subject before she goes on a rant about the FAA.” I ask, absolutely certain of what would happen next, without an intervention. Seeing that I didn’t have any takers for the gig of conversation changer, I pivot it myself, “OK, Archer, we’ve heard about your first date, and about the first time you two made out, but how did you meet her?” While we were on the subject, I thought we might as well fill in the blanks.

“Ask Godfrey, he tells the story the best.”

Before he can continue the story, Dominique interjects. “I was invited into the world of extreme wealth when I was 14 because I was freakishly hot and smart. I’m still a member at my age because I’m me (as I’ve been told innumerable times) and that is extraordinary.”

“Well OK.” Godfrey gets up to fix himself another drink while he begins to tell the story. “I guess I’ll continue from there…One day, many, many, many decades ago.”

“It wasn’t that many decades.” Dominique objects.

“Do you want me to tell them your real age?” Godfrey immediately counters—Apparently still on the ball, in spite of his appearance.

“No. Never mind. Go back to the story. Even though it’s my birthday this Sunday, there’s no reason to talk about my age.”

Godfrey continues with, “Alrighty then. Archer was driving us through town on the way to my family’s summer compound, when he spotted Dominique walking down the street and was (apparently) very distracted because he rammed into the car in front of us. While Archer dealt with the local police, I smartly exited the scene…I was rather toasty and I was carrying around a rather large glass of gin and tonic. (This was back in the days when it was the norm to stop half way to the lake to restock at the liquor store.) Fortunately for Archer, I ran smack into Dominique (literally.) I turned the corner, and spilled half my drink down her shirt…luckily, as it turns out for both of us, she accepted my apology for being a clutz.”

“You mean drunk.” Dominique wasn’t kidding when she warned that she wasn’t in the mood for alcoholics.

“OK, yeah. I already admitted I was drunk. So what? I still closed the deal. You accepted my invitation.”

“Of course I did. You invited me to the B— Estate for a party. All I had to do was show-up. You even sent a car for me so—why wouldn’t I go? I may be a little crazy, but I’m not stupid. Getting that invite was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know girls who would lie, cheat, steal or kill to get that invitation. So how could I resist? All I had to do was dress appropriately and wait for the driver to pick me up. (This was back in the days before Uber black cars, when you had to actually employ a driver, or, if necessary….Gasp!…drive yourself.) What I didn’t realize, until later, was it was the type of party where wives and girlfriends were not invited, but mistresses were. Even if you thought you were someone who had been around and seen things, you have to understand the type of people at this party weren’t the type to do a houseshare in the Hamptons, these are the type of people who have a house in the Hamptons. It’s another level of wealth that most people can’t even imagine, let alone consider being invited into enjoying. I was…to put it mildly, impressed.”

Archer interjected, “I never did ask you, what were you doing, out cruising the streets that day anyway?”

“I was waiting for a ride home…It’s a bit of a walk to the other side of the lake from downtown. I was only fourteen, remember, so I didn’t have a driver’s license yet. It was a Tuesday, so, as we’ve already discussed, I always run errands on Tuesdays. But, to be specific, I was visiting the library and was reading a paperback as I walked to the park where I was going to meet my ride—which is the other reason we literally ran into each other.”

“Oh yes. The enfant terrible.”

“Speaking of inappropriately young. What the hell possessed you two to invite a 14-year-old virgin to that party?”

Archer counters with a jab, “Technically, you’d caused the accident. It should be illegal for someone as good looking as you to walk down the street without some sort of warning. It’s not fair. So, we had to get some payback. Or at least some perks.”

“I’m going to let that pass.” Surprisingly, Dominique doesn’t pursue her line of questioning. I guess we all have limits when it comes to questions we don’t really want to know the answer to. After thinking for a few seconds, she confesses, “OK. It’s true. It wasn’t the first time I’d caused an accident, just by walking down the street (even at that young age.) To this day, if I don’t cause at least one a year, I feel like I’ve lost my touch and I hit the gym hard until I, at a minimum, receive a standing ovation.—Speaking of misbehaving, did you know that the accident wasn’t the most embarrassing thing Archer did that day—by far.”

Godfrey asked, seemingly suspicious of the answer. “I don’t remember hearing about, or witnessing anything too interesting happening that day….Do tell, what did Archer do that day?”

“There was a mix tape incident.”

“Oh no.” Archer deadpanned, head in hands. “You’re not going to tell that story? That is actually embarrassing.”

Godfrey, in his natural state of troublemaking, egged her on, “Oh now this—this I’ve got to hear.”

“Well, I did get in his car that afternoon…He did drive me home after the party.” Dominique started singing, “Hello, I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?”

Archer’s mood dropped considerably.

“Hello, I love. Let me jump in your game. You know Archer plays this song for me, every time he picks me up.”

“Oh, that IS embarrassing.” I confessed…wishing this story didn’t involve Dominique so I could needle Archer about it.

“Oh, what else was there?” Dominique continued, “Hmmm…Let me think…Oh yeah, how about that song from The Zombies—Time of the Season.”

Archer objects to her singing and her ribbing. “No. Not funny.”

“Magically” the jukebox starts to play that exact song. Dominique sings, and Godfrey and I echo her. However, unlike Archer, we don’t know all of the lyrics, so we pick up the song at, “What’s your name? What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich? Is he rich like Archer?”

“OK, we get the point.” Archer is not amused.

“Tell it to me softly…I really want to know. It’s the time of the season for loving.”

Continuing on with the theme, Dominique adds “and there’s always, speaking of confessions, The New Colony Six, ‘I Confess to have a willingness and wanting for you.’…See J.R.—even billionaires to be do silly things sometimes to get a girl’s attention, there’s still hope for you yet.” Dominique never can control herself when it comes to teasing or torture.

Archer, recovering, teases Dominique by stating, “At least I wasn’t listening to Roxette.”

“What’s wrong with Roxette? I’ve got the look and I’m a little bit dangerous.”

“You are dangerous.” J.R. says. (I’m assuming he doesn’t get the reference.)

“Very, very dangerous—of course so is fire…But just the right amount of heat can be interesting….wanna come play with me. Even if you get burned, I hear pain can be fun?” She teases J.R.

Godfrey asks, turning the subject back to Dominique, not her play toy, “Isn’t there a line in ‘The Look’…something about a juvenile scam?”

“Hmmm…there might be, and I might have resembled that remark.”

“That’s what I thought.”

The jukebox turns off at the end of the song and Dominique (apparently) tired of teasing Archer for now, finally announces, “Alright, let’s go…lunch is waiting for us.” And leads her starving men upstairs.